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Outlander - A. Malcolm - Reviews: "Wait's Finally Over!"

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So, I watched this episode three times trying to gather my thoughts for this review, and every single time I get caught up and forget to write anything down. I keep going all mushy fangirl.

The reunion was everything I was hoping it would be. It was quiet and sweet. Jamie seemed frightened to let her out of his sight for fear she’d be gone when he returned.

And Claire….well there was a relaxation in her face that we hadn’t seen much during the first five episodes. Her happiness is almost palpable.

After Claire shows Jamie pictures of the daughter Jamie gave Claire up to save, he told her about Willie.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the entrance to the brothel. I figured there would be some type of buffer between the entrance and the “business”, but, nope, the door opens and patrons were getting busy right there the moment you stepped in side.

Jamie and Claire's reconnection was handled in much the same way as their wedding night was. It wasn’t rushed. They took the time to get to know each other again; to get comfortable with each other.

They didn’t even rush getting out of their clothes. This was another opportunity for them to acquaint themselves with how each other had changed over the past twenty years.

We’ve waited for this sequence, and for me at least it was worth the wait.

Am I the only one who thought Jamie being married annoyed Madam Jeanne? Every time she was in the same room with Claire, she looked angry with her.

Mr. Willoughby was a bit of surprise for me. I was expecting the character to come across as less grounded; a little more flighty. But this guy doesn’t feel like someone you could dismiss as brainless. I liked the moment he and Claire shared. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough screen time in this episode for me to get more than a quick impression.

Like so many episodes this season, that episode really worked for me. It was the reunion I’ve been waiting for.

What did you guys think of the episode? How on Earth are they going to finish Voyager in 7 episodes?

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