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The Sinner - Part V - Review: When Harry Met Cora

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"You were talking to the wrong God."

Part V

Once again we see a little more of Cora and Phoebe, they clearly had a complicated relationship, both resenting each other and being each other's support at the same time, Phoebe's jealous of Cora but she tells her she's the only one who makes life worth it, which makes sense since they're the only two "sane" ones in their crazy house. They were apparently planning to run away from home, Phoebe would set up dates for Cora who would meet the men and steal from them, and you know that can't end well. One of the last dates is a very creepy guy, Cora is reluctant but Phoebe guilts her into it, so Cora complies, she meets with the creepy dude but she backs out and when he tries to force her JD shows up and offers her a ride. They go to a party in his house and they sleep together, Cora ignores her sister's calls since she's "busy" and the next morning she comes home to Phoebe freaking out thinking she's sent her to her death or something just as bad, so her mother once again blames Cora for making her sister suffer.

In the present, both the news and the cops, except for Harry and his partner, are speculating maybe Cora killed the victim in the forest too, so the state police takes an interest in the case, Detective Farmer (Joanna Adler) is the one running the show, and she doesn't appreciate the way in which Ambrose has been handling himself. He has a hard time explaining how he came to the burial site and he doesn't want them to know about the hypnosis because it would make the whole case look bad. Cora gets offered a deal to confess to the new murder and she's tempted to do it, Ambrose suggests it's too early to try to pin the murder on her, he says it sounds like coercion to him but Farmer goes off on him, she even suggests he might be on Cora's side just because she's attractive.

This is the first time I've started considering there might be something creepy about Cora and Harry's relationship, I hadn't given it much thought but the phone call was way too intimate and they do seem to be pointing at some sort of romantic connection. Cora calls Harry because she's considering taking the deal, but he says she should hold on because he's onto something, and instead of hanging up, she asks him to talk to her for a while, they talk about their childhoods and she even tells him about Phoebe. I have to say this makes me a little uncomfortable for some reason.

In jail, Cora joins the praying circle, but as soon as she relaxes, she has flashbacks, she sees the guy in the mask and herself hiding under a bed with an IV drip attached to her arm, and the possibilities about her time in captivity get creepier every episode. For the first time she tries to find some comfort in the people around her and she seeks the counsel of one of the women from the group, but she tells her about all the pain God caused in her house, for which the woman has a great response and tells her she (or rather her mom) was talking to the wrong God.

Fay is finally done with Harry and asks him to move out again, since he's clearly not changed and obsesses over work too much, and we can't say she doesn't have a point since he made her go on a walk with him that turned out to be an excuse to go to a possible crime scene. We also continue to watch him in this weird relationship with his mistress, and it makes me wonder if there's any deeper meaning they're going for with Harry's sadomasochistic needs.

Mason's parents want to leave town because they're sick of the attention, and they say the business is suffering too much, but he won't have it, I would say it's the only good thing he's done, but I'm not sure it's the right move. He continues to use Caitlin for information, even though she called him out on it last time, and by the end of the episode, he makes one of the dumbest decisions yet. After JD hits his dad with a bat, Mason goes looking for him with a gun in hand. Oh Mason, do you have a limit for the stupid stuff you're willing to do? I'm gonna hazard a guess and say "no".

Detective Farmer is now one of Cora's biggest problems, she creates the narrative that Cora was in love with JD and that's why she killed Maddie. She seems like she's about to coerce Cora into confessing but something switches inside of Cora (and Biel reminds us how amazing she is) and she tells her to go to hell. But the DNA on the blanket comes back as a match to Cora's so they think this is definitive proof when in reality she's probably just another victim who was present at the time.

Harry finds out the body was very close to the grounds of the Beverwyck Club that seems as dark as you could imagine. He talks to an ex-employee and she tells him she was drugged at a party and woke up naked in the backseat of her own car, she couldn't talk about it because of a non-disclosure agreement but it was enough for Ambrose to know he was onto something. He's not having any luck reasoning with Detective Farmer so he goes on his own to the Club, he sneaks in and in one of the rooms he finds a few masks, one of them being the one our mystery guy used, could there be more than one guy if it was a pervert's club? That's almost too chilling to imagine.

So, what did you guys think of the episode? How deep do you think this thing at the Beverwyck Club goes? I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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