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The Bold Type - The End Of The Beginning - Advance Preview: All The Single Ladies

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"You're playing with fire."

The End of the Beginning

Hello ladies, and gentlemen, this episode is filled with tension for our girls, since everyone is spinning out with layout rumors at Scarlet. To make matters worse, Kat gets a confirmation of the rumors but is not allowed to say a thing, which puts her in a very uncomfortable position trying to help her friends without telling them what's up. Also uncomfortable, she has bedbugs at her place, so the girls let her in with the condition she strips on the street and changes clothes, she's freaking awesome and confident in her skin, which leads to a very funny scene, and to my admiration of her, growing even more.

Both Sutton and Richard are a bit nostalgic, which is to be expected, but the good thing is, even if we don't see Richard's personal life anymore, for now, he continues to have a presence at the magazine. He's the one who warns Jacqueline that the Steinem Group is in financial trouble, that they're closing two titles entirely and they'll recommend layouts in all the other publications, I hope we get to see more of him, but maybe not with terrible news?

So Jaqueline makes some recommendations for the girls so none of them are found in a dispensable position. She says the digital side is in no trouble but print is, so she needs numbers and stats on what people like about the magazine to have as ammo on her board meeting. Which means Kat has to work very hard on online presence and focus groups, without an assistant, since there's a hiring freeze.

The rumors present a possibility for some of them to consider different working opportunities, maybe more enticing than they thought, some people realize they're not as indispensable as they thought they were, and some others find themselves in need to speak up in order to keep their jobs. Oliver has fight complications which leave the interns handling a photo shoot that could work horribly or amazingly for one of them.

On the personal side, Jane talks the girls into group dating, reminding them they'd promised, if they were all single at the same time, they'd try group Tinder, which makes no sense since when they didn't know Sutton was with Richard they were all theoretically single. But alas, two of the three turn out to be horrible dates, and the third one has one big bump by the river.

Kat talks to Adena way too much and is looking for drama free, but maybe that's not enough anymore, and she contemplates bravery, both in her work-life and her personal life. Once again, we're reminded how amazing the friendship between these women is, even in their worst moments, even when they fight each other, these are the best friends you could ever ask for, especially when that means putting things into perspective or providing a room to storm off into.

Some quotes:
"I'm imploding!"
"I'll write stickies."
"I'm really happy your place got infested."
"There's no way that's legally binding."

Catch The Bold Type Tuesday August 22nd at 9/8c.

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