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Younger - Post Truth - Advance Preview: Victims of Unsynchronized Passion

"You sound like a twisted fortune cookie."

Younger - Advance Preview

Hey, guys. So, I got to watch the first three episodes of the fourth season of this charming show in advance, and, as always, the fun never stops, this is one of the more addictive comedies I've ever seen. Some of the teasers I'll provide might not be news to you if you've watched all the promotional videos, but I'd rather not give too much away. I have to say I don’t fully enjoy this shows where I’m in pain most of the time, and Younger sometimes makes me want to fast forward through Liza’s lies and then I realize that’s the main premise of this show. But, then again, I think that's part of the reason why this is so addictive. And watching Sutton Foster and the rest of the crew definitely makes the journey worthwhile.

The first episodes of this season will deal with the aftermath of Kelsey finally learning the truth, and man was I ready for that to happen, and of course, she has some trouble processing the whole thing, but that is totally understandable, though we will come to learn, when she wants to, she can be a total (is there another word for b*tch here? Maybe mean girl?).

After what happened with Josh they seem to want to find a place for him that doesn't necessarily involves Liza but that can be tricky and even a little dangerous. There’s an interesting encounter, and bonding, in a bar and hopefully the start of a beautiful friendship. And. Just. That. Also, at work, the stakes get even higher for Liza’s pretend-self thanks to Millenial. And she’ll find out some things are way more complicated than she thought.

Lauren and the doctor continue to be super cute, and her mischievousness is brilliant sometimes (if we choose to ignore a disgusting choice by the writers). I have to say there were two things in the first episode, one with Lauren and one with Kristin Chenoweth's character, that were not only inappropriate but downright disgusting in my opinion, and it’s treated like it’s funny because the perpetrators are women but I’m not okay with Younger doing this, I don't remember the show ever doing this kind of thing before, and I don’t know if it’s something they’re trying out but I hope it’s not something that will be repeated.

Can I just say I love Charles more every single day? I wish he had more screen time, not that he has little time in this episodes, it's just never enough for me. I don't think I need to make it more clear I'm #TeamCharles, I love Josh, but I think there's a better fit for him out there. There's a sweet moment when the idea of people being “victims of unsynchronized passion” sparks some interesting looks. I hope it's never fully the case with Charles and Liza, I think they should get synchronizing, now. But enough about me, I hope you're just as excited for this new season as I am. I leave you with...

Some Quotes
"You sound like a twisted fortune cookie."
"No. Yes. I don’t know anymore. Probably."
"I can’t believe I’ve been so blind."
“On some cultures that could be considered rape.” “Yeah, pretty much in every culture.”

Some Teasers
Kelsey’s new home will be a shocker and I don’t know that it can ever end well.
Maggie gets fangirled over
Liza’s knowledge about “older” people comes in handy.
There’s a hilarious memes conversation.
We realize Kelsey is a dopplebanger.
Kelsey makes a few awful mistakes.
A good roommate is key.

Catch the premiere of Younger on TV Land on Wednesday June 28th at 10 PM.

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