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Sweet/Vicious - Fearless - Review: Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

"What you took from me wasn't yours to take."


Sweet/Vicious is back and killing it. This episode started slow, but it turned out to be one of the most heart-wrenching things I could imagine watching this week. I truly thought they were saving some of the reveals for the finale, but they just blew the whole thing up, and I couldn't be more happy (and heartbroken).

We pick up right where we left off, Ophelia is running from the cameras and Jules gets her the bag so she can change, they get a campus alert of someone with a gun for which everyone is on lockdown, so they go to Vinylton. Jules is furious at Ophelia for the possibility of them being outed but she's trying to keep it cool, until they realize the cops are on the lookout for anyone with a cut on their arm like hers.

Ophelia: I mean, like, they're probably only checking dudes 'cause, you know, patriarchy.

Meanwhile, at Zeta, the girls are freaking out and trying to get a hold on all the sisters. Kennedy goes inside Jules' room to get a battery and finds her study books, even though she said she had them with her. She doesn't say anything but she discusses it with all the girls.

Harris confronts Ophelia about his suspicions fo Jules, she says he's crazy and he seems to back off, but the fact that she's so keen in denying it makes him doubt her too. So she comes up with a plan to make an appearance like the "vagilante" while pretending to be in the shower so they're both off the hook.

Nate shows up, saying he wants to check on Jules and he seems to be trying to "reconnect", she seems confused an terrified at the same time, but they decide to go ahead with the plan anyways. Ophelia makes her appearance but Harris tries to stop her, so she hits him and runs trough the door, where, of course, there are cops. She runs until she reaches Landon's partner, gives him a cut on the arm like hers and a bandage, and leaves her clothes there to frame him, it works because he's arrested and the girls seem to be off the hook for now.

Harris tells Barton go to the dean to present the theory, but he ends up being fired, probably because the truth implicates his son, but he keeps digging and later he finds the writings on the wall.

Everyone is trying to blow off some steam after the vigilante "gets caught" and Jules gets steamy with Tyler, which seemed more as a reaction to Nate being there than for herself, but she sees Nate's face on top of her once again and throws Tyler off the bed. In a rage of tear she goes down the stairs and confronts her nightmare, covering his mouth so he finally listens. Eliza Bennett killed it once again in this scene, I'm truly in awe of this woman and how well se plays this amazing role.

Jules: Let me get one thing straight. I told you to stop, and I told you "no", and you did this. You put your hand over my mouth, and then you raped me. What you took from me wasn't yours to take, and the fact that you though it was sex for just one second, is disgusting. And you came here tonight to make me feel safe? I don't think I'll ever feel safe again because of you. All I feel is just this... emptiness. And I've tried anything I can to get rid of it. I've lied to my self, to my friends, and I've smiled and pretended... and said I was gonna run away. And I've done everything I could except this, which is tell you how alone and broken I feel watching you with my best friend, like nothing ever happened. Because you don't carry this like I do, and I hate you for that. And I envy you for that.

He leaves and Ophelia comforts her, she's super supportive and asks her what she wants to do next, Jules says she will tell Tyler after she tells Kennedy, but when he confronts her, she breaks up with him, which is very unfair because he was being very sweet, and I'm sure he would've been patient if she asked.

Jules finally goes to see Kennedy but not before Nate did, so when she tells her the truth she doesn't know what to believe. She says she tried to help but Jules lied at every turn, that they've been strangers for a while but she couldn't accept it. She says that weather Nate is lying or she is, it will never be the same. Which is why Jules had put it off for so long, because it probably seems weird to be friends with the girl your boyfriend raped, and that was maybe Jules' reasoning, though she probably should've know better.

Kennedy tells her to leave, so Jules shows up with her bags at Ophelia's door, she stands there defeated and O hugs her while she cries.

I'm so glad Kennedy finally knows the truth, but it really didn't have to be that way. I'm guessing Nate tried to cover his bases to discredit Jules so he would't be charged with rape. And the fact that he was trying to sleep with her again was just repulsive. The scene where she confronts him is already my favorite scene of the week, and Aisha Dee was amazing as well, not only showing how heartbroken she is but how confusing the whole thing is for her, how her world was shattered in a matter of minutes, I really hope she gives Jules another chance.

What did you guys think of this episode? I'd love to read your thoughts on everything that just happened.