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Frequency - Negative Copy - Review: It's Gonna Be Fine

"You have a choice."

Negative Copy

We have only two episode left and I honestly don't know how they're going to wrap this up, since they said there will be an online conclusion if the show is cancelled, that probably means this season will end on a cliffhanger, and I'm not really looking forward to that but it's not looking like it could go any other way.

We pick up in the aftermath of last week's events. Raimy's telling herself everything's going to be fine but she doesn't now why the body's still there. Stan shows up and says they're going to play by the rules this time, which is funny since that's not exactly what he's known for. And Franks is still unconscious in his car, Joe manages to escape as the drunk guy who hit them watches.

When Frank comes to, he tries to find Joe but he's gone, so Frank goes home and Julie finds him in the garage with both the car and his face a mess. She wants to know what's going on and he admits he has to kill the nightingale but he says he can't explain the rest but that the nightingale knows who they are and he'll come after them, so he gives her a gun for protection.

When Raimy comes back to the precinct she's received as a hero but Satch tells her she's under investigation and he takes away her badge. Gordon Haas Sr. takes over as Raimy's attorney and he manages to get her out for the moment. We see Gordo briefly, enough to pick her up, drop her off at her house, and make a comment about being team Mosby when he sees Daniel on the porch. Daniel wants to celebrate that he broke his engagement that morning but Raimy says she need to figure things out on her own. She talks to Frank and they catch up, he's having second thoughts but she says it's no longer just Julie on the line but also her own job, so he says he'll get him.

That night, Frank goes over to Joe's house but when he's about to get to him a woman knocks on the door and tells Joe he's going to be investigated for the money stolen from the church, she says the police will search his house, which gives him time to move the body from the closet. When Raimy gets to the precinct everything is different, since there was never a body, there was never proof that Joe was the nightingale and she never shot him. She tries to arrest him but none of the evidence is there anymore. So she realizes Meghan is probably there with him now.

At Frank's precinct he learns that the drunk guy recognized the police car and talked about the guy jumping out from the trunk, so they're checking all police cars. He stalls but Satch seems to be onto him. He shows up to his house when he's not there and Julie is amazing, not only she covers for him and calls Satch on his bullsh*t, but she had the car replaced while a cousin of hers fixes Frank's. Satch still feels something's off so he confronts Frank, he confesses he wants to make it up to Frank but he's in deep with Stan, he tells him that when they were partners he threw an abusive guy off a rooftop and Stan had his back, though it really looked like self defense. He tells him that day still haunts him and tells Frank that whatever he's up to he should think it twice.

Joe is in the cabin with Meghan he accuses her of talking to the police, he says he'll punish her and they talk about Robbie, he says he understood him but Robbie was week and he run away. Which confirms Robbie has more relation to the story than we thought, I really think maybe both had something to do with the killings.

Julie tells Frank she's worried about what will happen to him if he kills someone, and about what will happen to Raimy if he gets caught, she asks him to make a choice and come home. So, he decides to frame Joe with the church money and he heads home.

Raimy goes to the cabin and finds Meghan with a bleeding Robbie in her arms. I really don't know how Robbie fits into it all, maybe Joe getting arrested had a effect on their lives but I don'y know why he'd get shot. I, for one, I'm very intrigued about where this is all going. I hope we at least get some sort of conclusion to the nightingale case in the finale.

What did you guys think of this episode? Are you intrigued about Robbie? Excited about the finale? I'd love to read your thoughts.

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