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Frequency - Interference - Review: This Man Is A Monster

"What can I say? The crazies love me."


Hey guys I'm going to be filling in for Aimee today, I hope you enjoy this review.

This episode begins with a press conference where Raimy and Satch ask for help from anyone who passed through the Hideaway Mountain Camp, where Larissa was a nurse. As the first victim, the one that started the Nightingale's obsession with nurses, Larissa was probably a more personal murder, which would make it easier to solve. This is being watched at a mental institution where one patient is paying special attention, we know she will be a key to help the case. After that many calls come in to the precinct and they all want to talk to Raimy directly.

Raimy: What can I say? The crazies love me.

Later Raimy talks to Frank, she asks him to search in Larissa's old room, which doesn't exist as such in the present, anything that can help in the investigation. Since now they know she's a Nightingale victim, Frank wants the parents to know too, instead of suffer in doubt for the next five years, but Raimy says it's easier to investigate in the present without the possibility of spooking him in the past, she says if they catch him soon it won't matter anyways.

Before going to the Abbott Frank argues with Satch about Stan, who put a warning card out on Miracella, and the fact that it looks like Satch's defending him, he says he's actually protecting Frank but things seem pretty strained between the two of them. Satch actually seems like a good guy, I'm hoping we're not proven wrong. Once Frank's at the Abbotts' house there is a very emotional scene with the unknowing mother, after that, searching Larissa's room, Frank finds a diary with her thoughts during her time at the camp and some bedroom pictures, he also finds out her ex boyfriend, Mateo, used to beat her up.

Over at Raimy's precinct they find out there was a youth group associated with the camp, apparently they bussed in juvenile delinquents every summer. They have an interview with the guy who run it, Deacon Joe, who gives them the names of some of the kids, so Raimy and Satch pay a visit to the only one who hasn't turn his life around, Vincent Davis.

We see a parallel of the two interviews, Frank goes to see Mateo, who tells him about a girl in trouble Larissa was trying to help, Meghan, and explains he lost it after he found the pictures in the diary, meaning someone else took them, maybe the killer himself. At the same time Raimy goes to see Vincent who's ruled out as the killer since he's in a wheelchair but he tells them about Meghan who used to walk around in the camp naked bleeding from her arms. This is, of course, the girl in the mental institution.

On Sunday night Raimy's working while Gordo plays video games, until Kyle shows up with pizza and beer, apparently she forgot they had a date, he's about to leave until Gordo includes him in the game and he shares embarrassing stuff about Raimy's childhood, which is good because he gets to see another side of hers, sometimes it really looks like they don't know where to use him, this is actually the first time he seems to have a purpose and it's very small.

Of course, in that moment Daniel shows up at the door drunk and cold, since the guys are playing and not paying her any attention she decides to drive him home, he says he can't get her out of his head in spite of having a great life, and the way he says it points to him having a girlfriend. At is door he kisses her but then he looks like he's gonna throw up so she helps him up, they end up on his bathroom floor and he jokes they should do it again soon. She looks for an aspiring and he's too drunk to tell it's weird that she know exactly where he keeps them. The stalker banter is fun but a little weird, and she doesn't seem to no anything to be more normal either. In the medical kit she finds the same ring with which he was going to propose to her in a different timeline and it hits her hard, she seems to be messing with his perfect life.

Young Raimy sees coach Ted kiss her mom and starts acting up, she destroys her softbol glove and says she wants to quit the team. Frank also finds out when the guys on protective detail tell him what they saw. Frank is hurt since she said she wanted to break up to avoid hurting Raimy and kissing another guy in front of her didn't seem to be coherent with that. Julie says she's a doman good mother and he has no right to say otherwise, he accepts he was jealous and she says that's not her problem, which is really harsh. After that, they have a very honest conversation which seems to bode well for their relationship as parents but not their marriage. Later he talks to Raimy and tells her how he got Julie to agree to date him, he says he won her over once and he can do it again.

Once he gets home he goes trhough Larirra's journal and finds an entry where she says Meghan seemed to be very afraid of something. At the mental institution Meghan is not allowed to use the phone so she puls the fire alarm to create a distractions and calls the precinct but they find her and take her to her room. Someone pays her a visit to tell her she will have to stay longer at the mental institution, this is Deacon Joe, played by Kenneth Mitchel, and it's looking like we have a face for our killer, or at the very least he's related to him somehow because Meghan's terrified of him, and as they take her away, she yells in terror that he's a monster and he's going to kill her.

Raimy's getting home and thinking about calling Daniel but she decides not to, when she gets to er door he's waiting for her, sober this time but unable to speak so she kisses him, this scene was great, from his speechlessness to their heartfelt kiss.

At the precinct they drop the call reports on Raimy's desk, the first one in the pile is Meghan's disconnected call.

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think Deacon Joe is our Nightingale? What do you think about the love triangle with Kyle and Daniel? I'd love to read you'r thoughts.

Note: English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes.