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Nancy Drew -The Dilemma of the Lover's Curse - Review

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It has been far too long a while since we saw the season 3 finale. It actually drove me to rewatching the series from the beginning. (Still haven’t finished, tho.)

The first couple of scenes were the most difficult to watch as the writers tried their darnedest to recap the details of Season 3 without having Nancy sit there and read the recap off a teleprompter.

Then Ace got arrested.

I have a question for you guys. When Nancy met with the new police chief, did you think Chief Lovett was being sincere? She seemed to be working so hard to be happy to meet Nancy that I just didn’t believe her?

It was better at the Lover’s Vigil when she was open to hearing the town tradition.

How long has George been pre-law? Five weeks?

She decided to use all of that experience to flummox the cop working the desk.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been in class long enough to know what “habeas corpus” actually means.

One of my favorite things about the series is the way they handle the creepy.

I assume the actors playing the reanimated corpses were dancers because, their movement was fabulously creepy.

They way they moved was really effective. Especially in the scene where they all froze.

Side Note: Ned, you’ve been doing this too long! A reanimated corpse walks past you, and you’re zen enough to take another sip of your apple cider?

I believe the applicable word is desensitized. LOL

I didn’t expect the new police chief to be inducted into the realities of living in Horseshoe Bay so quickly.

Kudos to Nancy for avoiding one of those boring scenes where she has to try to convince a disbelieving Chief that the bodies walked off by themselves by inviting her out to see them for herself.

That whole black goo thing…yeah, that will be back to creep us out further.

The bulk of the episode, even the walking corpses, was about setting up the stories that will make up the final season of the series.

Ryan stumbled into something that’s not going to go away quickly. It’s already cost Bess an acquisition.

How much more trouble is Ryan going to get into trying to fix it on his own? That could be fun.

I hope that Carson gets to do more than play “My Two Dads” with Ryan.

The two are fairly entertaining to watch, but I do hope Carson gets to have some story this season. Hopefully more than just mentoring and helping George deal with her insecurities.

I’m already bored with the Nancy/Ace curse story. It’s too much of that ‘we can never let the star-crossed lovers get together’ soap opera cliché for my taste.

Also, if Ace is supposed to be Nancy’s forever love, why would they bring in a new love interest?

I liked the return. Personally, it felt like, having had to wait so long for this season premiere kept me from connecting with the show right away.

But I am interested in most of the stories they are setting up for the new season. I have my fingers crossed that Nancy Drew’s final season does not disappoint.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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