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2023 Character Cup - Round 5 (Final Four)

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After the close races and turmoil of round 3, round four was mostly tame with the exception of the Charlie Nicoletti vs Lucy Tara poll. In the end, Charlie was the winner, which should make today’s poll one to watch since Milo Ventimiglia also played Rebecca Pearson’s husband. In the other match, we have Deran Cody vs Olivia Benson. Cody has made an impressive showing for his first trip to the Cup, but he goes against Olivia, who has been in the Cup seven times now and reached second place last year. Is it finally her time to win or will Animal Kingdom take the victory? Both races will be ones to watch and should be good predictors of who will be the ultimate winner this year.

In the prediction contest, Hard has taken the lead with a potential 120 points. Following are Pavlas with a potential 98 points and Clueless with a potential of 93 points. If Rebecca Pearson wins today, these should be the winners of the prediction contest.

If you are just joining us, please click the rules link below. All hiatus polls are one vote per person per poll. Happy voting!

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CC Rules
Prediction Contest

Round will end at approximately 10 am CST on June 28.

TV Talk Topic: Celebrity Is as Celebrity Does  

Does an actor’s behavior or viewpoints affect how or if you watch a show? If an actor says or does something you consider hurtful (but not necessarily illegal), do you stop watching their shows or following them on social media? How much do the actors themselves color the characters they play? (Thanks to Monique75, Blake&Violet Forever, and rebeccapearsonfromthisisusrules for the topic suggestion.)

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