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The Equalizer - Patriot Game: Review

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Client:  Devon, a office-worker, is afraid for his life after witnessing the massacre of all of his co-workers.

After watching his co-workers massacred, a completely freaked out Devon begs Robyn for help.

Devon has no idea why any of it happened. His company does research in the field of marine biology. No mysterious clients, no spies using the research firm as a cover.

Robyn and Mel discover that the office has been professionally cleaned.

Only their experienced eyes see the truth. If Devon hadn't escaped, an entire company staff would have simply disappeared into thin air.

Harry finds the only hint as to why, when he discovers that someone started an internet search that *could have* led to a CIA operation.

Lacking any concept of subtlety the people behind this off books CIA program, they decide to kill an office full of people.

Then again what fun would it be if they'd been subtle.

This set up finally gives us the opportunity to see how Bishop's replacement, Fisk, is going to "work with" Robyn to fulfill the deal she made with the CIA.

He's going to keep Robyn on her toes.

I don’t like or trust Fisk and the writers did a pretty good job of maintaining the ambiguity.

I kept expecting him to set Robyn up for some kind of fall.

I ended up believing Fisk when he said the CIA wasn’t behind the massacre because the CIA (in my imagination at least) has decades of practice in the art of making it look like they were never there.

I don’t mean re-plastering the office. I’m thinking more of the art of misdirection. Making it look like a gas explosion or robbery; anything more explainable than every employee of a company simply disappearing.

Robyn kept up her end of the bargain and agreed to help Fisk find out the truth, but not quietly.

Her confrontational approach began to wear on me as the episode went on.

While a part of me hopes they'll eventually work better together, I don't really want them to ever actually like each other.

One of the best moments in the episode for me was Robyn just showing up at Fisk's meeting with the CIA director.

The proof of how good Robyn's reputation with the CIA must have been can be seen in the fact that she barged into that meeting with Director Platt and not a word was said.

I’m glad that this part of the show has returned. The CIA related cases up the action.

I do love that Fisk calls Robyn "Mall Cop”.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Fisk.

Family Life:  Dante’s dealing with the return of his father.

While Dante worked his way thought preparing for his father’s reentrance into his life, we got to learn more about Dante’s history with Manny.

They did have me worried for a moment that Manny was being written out one episode after taking over Delilah’s training.

Happily Manny survived.

The shooting not only served as the next move in the story of the drug dealer Manny embarrassed last week, but it opened the way for Manny’s issues with his son to help Dante make the decision to pick his father up when he was released.

There wasn’t a lot of time spent with this story, it was mostly setup for future storylines for Dante.

He’s going after the shooter. But, I think the relationship with his father, that Dante is going find more challenging.

What did you guys think of the episode?

I was really happy to see the return of the Robyn honoring her deal with the CIA cases.

I think Robyn and Fisk are going to be fun to watch.

I’m glad to see them giving Dante more story. He’d slipped back into answering the phone in the precinct.

I’m hoping this trend of more action oriented episodes continues.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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