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The Equalizer - No Way Out - Review

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It took me a minute to wrap my head around writing this review. Not because I thought the episode was poorly written, but because of my personal reaction to two of the stories.

Client:  Vi tries to rescue her masseuse from an abusive relationship.

It was kind of fun to see Vi take over the case of the week.

But I had a few problems that had me stop and come back to the episode a day or so later and only because I knew I had to review it.

My problem was the fact that Angie didn’t ask for help. In fact she kept saying “No”.

Vi showed up at the woman’s house asking intrusive questions she really had no business asking.

Don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe that if you see someone in trouble, you should try to help them, but insinuating yourself into their life just seems a bit too far for me.

Let that person know that help’s available, and let them come to you when they’re ready.

That’s just my personal opinion, but it made the set up for this story difficult for me to watch.

In the context of this show, I didn’t have any real problems with the writing from a technical standpoint.

The emotional setup for Angie’s character felt natural, as did her reason for changing her mind and going to Vi to accept her help.

When the truth came out about her husband, he was definitely menacing.

The situation got bad enough that Vi pulled out her gun, but couldn’t put the trigger.

Which, emotionally, worked for me; but I felt the scene would have worked a little better if she tried a more clinical approach when she was trying to find the courage to pull the trigger. For instance, by using what she learned at the range, such as holding the gun the way she was taught.

I did love the scene between Robyn and Vi at the end of the episode.

Dante’s Case:  Dante continues to look for the person who shot Manny.

This story was more difficult for me to watch.

I knew the moment Dante walked into the new captain’s office that this story was leading to Dante being in career threatening trouble.

I don’t like to watch my favorite characters in uncomfortable or bad situations, so I kept turning off the recording.

I scream at the television every time a police officer walks into a situation without back up.

I was yelling a lot when he first went to find Lo-Lo at his apartment.

Dante was really lucky he just lost his gun and badge.

But, of course, this is TV show, so it all had to get much much worse.

Dante will be lucky if he just gets suspended.

I’m pretty sure he’s going to end up under arrest for murder.

(I’m pretty sure the girlfriend is going to tell anyone who listens that Dante pushed Lo-Lo off that roof.)

Family Life:  Robyn starts Delilah’s training in situational awareness.

This was my favorite part of the episode. I really didn’t mind nothing really happening.

There was some good information for women living in big cities. It’s information most city dwellers learn over time and sometimes the hard way.

But I just enjoyed getting some time to see Robyn and Delilah connecting.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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