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The Equalizer - Never Again/Lost and Found - Double Review

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Client:  A restaurant owner seeks help stopping the racially motivated vandalism in her neighborhood.

Client:  A man with amnesia needs to know why he woke up in a garbage dumpster with a gun in his pocket.

Both client stories were fairly predictable. That’s not usually a huge problem for me. I’ve been watching shows like this for a really long time, everything I watch is predictable.

The characters tend to be more important to me, and both client stories had characters I enjoyed watching.

The Rabbi in Never Again was a nice old guy who faced difficult obstacles while maintaining his ability to see the bright side.

It didn’t hurt that the part was played by an actor whom I have watched frequently over a couple of decades.

It was a pleasure to see him here and working with Adam Goldberg.

The Rabbi was able to fill in some blanks about Harry’s past that Harry didn’t know he had.

Information that would forever change how Harry thinks about his mother.

His mother didn’t abandon him, she gave him up in an effort to give him a better life than she though she could give him.

This was what really attached me to the hate crime story. Otherwise, everything in that story played out as I expected, even the revelation about the woman attacked in the teaser’s son.

Harry’s trick with the hearing aide was a good bit of fun though.

I also liked the way they edited that final segment together.

In Lost and found, “Roy”, aka Eric Davies, was just fun. Even given his situation he had a lightheartedness, (? not sure that’s the best word) to him.

One of the first moments that endeared him to me was when he and Robyn were shot at by the dumpster.

He tried to protect Robyn. He sucked at it, but that was his first instinct.

There were several other moments where he tried to help (e.g. the questioning of the money clip their) but was just bad at it.

His instincts were good…his execution…? Well, as Harry said, ‘dumbest idea he’d ever heard’.

That scene with Harry’s sweater (Why? Why would you loan him that sweater, Mel?) was pretty funny.

I liked this pair of client stories much better than the hospital story. I was really happy with the action level of Lost and Found.

Family Life:  Robyn tries to stop Miles from taking the custody battle to court.

Family Life:  Delilah’s training heads in a new direction.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the custody battle story, but this wasn’t quite it. I’m not at all certain how I feel about it.

I loved the way Delilah handled the situation. She wasn’t shy about telling her parents what the situation was doing to her.

I also liked the fact that, when it came to her decision, she put the help her mother provides to those with no other avenues above her personal desires.

I still have a problem with Miles’ logic regarding the dirty bomb.

It’s been bugging me since he first brought it up.

Robyn’s job put her in the position to know there was trouble on the horizon that could kill millions.

In other words, Robyn was able to keep her daughter *out* of danger because of her job.

It’s not like Vi called him to get Delilah out of the house because the bomb was planted in the house.

Not to mention the fact that by Vi calling him, he also had the opportunity to get his new family out of harm's way as well.

If he’d been angry about the crash in which Robyn was kidnapped, then the logic would have worked for me.

I wonder if what he is really angry about is that she won’t answer his questions.

Regardless. I was expecting to see Robyn in the trenches fighting this battle for herself. Instead, Vi fought it for her.

Unexpected, but still pretty fun to watch.

The status quo is maintained. Which, let’s face it, is the most important thing with this type of show.

In Lost and Found Delilah was sent to a new trainer to shore up the fundamental aspects of her training.

It’s great seeing Malik Yoba (possibly) moving to a recurring status.

Am I the only one who thought “Wipe on. Wipe off.” when he told Delilah to walk in circles 500 times?

More proof that Delilah is a mini-Robyn was her reaction when she saw Jackson accept that package.

She just couldn’t not comment. She did try not to say anything, but she just couldn’t help it.

I chuckled when she quoted Aunt Vi.

I was stunned when Jackson actually took Delilah’s excellent advice and spoke to Manny about his problem. The kid might just be worth Delilah’s time.

I liked the low-key element of the family story this week. I wouldn’t argue if we got more stories where the episode ended with the family spending time together relaxing.

What did you think of these two episodes? I’d love to hear any comments you have.

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