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The Equalizer - He Ain't Heavy - Review

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Client:  Mel's Brother has been kidnapped.

The major thread underlining this episode was Robyn's reaction to Mel training Dee knowing that Robyn had forbidden it.

Robyn is still so angry with Mel, that she’s seriously considering their relationship may be over.

One of the things I really liked about the episode were the scenes between Robyn and Dante. These scene give us a good idea of how far their relationship has advanced. I was over the moon to see Robyn open herself up to him on such an intimate topic.

Plus, he didn’t to the ‘fix-it’ thing. She’s angry and he understands why she’s angry.

But one of the things about family is that when they really need you, you forget what you were fighting about and rush to help them.

Robyn finds out that Mel’s baby brother was kidnapped and she goes straight to her side.

We know that Mel and Robyn are going to  eventually make up so there's nothing to anticipate there.

What I was really looking forward to was that moment when Ruby and Edison first see Mel in action.

The team quickly figures out why Edison was kidnapped by the Columbian mob.

This kind of thing can happen when you steal from the mob. Not surprisingly, Ed was framed for the $20M theft.

Ed managed to get out of his car after he was carjacked. Mel catches up with him trying to get on a bus to get out of town.

From here I didn’t have to wait too long for that moment where her sibs watched Mel take on two bad guys at once.

It was absolutely worth the wait.

Who didn’t cheer when Harry gave his “You mess with my family, you mess with me.” Speech.

Okay I didn’t cheer out loud, but I was grinning madly.

Family Life:  Vi enters a painting in a contest. Dee awaits punishment for lying to her mother.

Vi is really nervous and insecure about the contest she let Trish talk her into entering.

She has a panic attack, but when she sees a young woman dealing with her own panic attack Vi talks the young lady down.

Later, after the winner is announced, the young lady tries to destroy her painting.

Once again Vi talks her down and helps her regain a bit of self confidence.

Vi’s actions are witnessed by the director of the program that held the contest. They offer her a job teaching art. Robyn and Dee talk her into taking it.

Robyn has been, apparently, avoiding Dee as well. Helping Mel rescue her brother seems to have allowed her to step back and think a little…calmer?

She agrees to allow Dee to continue studying with Mel.

But we still don’t have a reconciliation between Mel and Robyn, per se. Robyn realizes that a huge part of what’s bothering her is the fact that her worlds have begun to merge.

Does that realization mean that it’ll be easier for her and Mel to reconcile? Will it take more than another episode?

What did you guys think about the episode? Happy to have it back?

Do you agree that Harry can rock a sweater like nobody’s business?

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