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The Equalizer - Vox Populi - Review: “The Jury Duty Episode"

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For years most series will do one or more of several stock themed episodes. A sports episode (usually hockey or boxing), an amnesia episode, the “hero in jeopardy” episode (I think D.W.B. filled this slot.), a recap/clip episode, the “hero must prove their innocence” episode and, of course, the jury duty episode. There are a few more, but I’ll stop here.

I hope I don’t sound like it’s a bad thing. It’s not. Plus it was an episode I enjoyed quite a bit.

Client:  Justice.

Sorry about the melodramatic section title. I couldn’t decide if Aunt Vi, Tim Colvin or his fiancé were actually Robyn’s client this week.

Aunt Vi is serving on the jury in a murder case. Something about the evidence has her believing the DA is wrong. And she’s determined that this jury won’t take the easy way out.

Robyn trusts Vi’s instincts and decides to look into the case herself.

As usual, The Equalizer shines a light on the realities that we all live with while telling a good story.

The discussion in the jury room was interesting.

I thought the writers did a good job of walking the line of addressing factual issues of the case versus the realities of stereotypes, racial profiling and how they affect our thinking as human beings.

Although there were a couple of moments where the discussion around the table felt a little clunky to me.

Most of the time, stories that touch on these issues are black and white.

These stories don't usually include grey areas that could lead to the crusading character to consider whether their reactions are colored by their own bias.

I really appreciated the fact that Vi took a moment to consider whether Howard was right when he accused her of acting with bias in favor of the defendant because he was also black.

Despite the fact that it came from another stereotypical character, Howard, it was a valid question.

We all know that’s not what Vi was doing, but for me, it was a testament to her character that she asked herself the question.

In the end, the jury acquitted Tim Colvin by doing what the job they were asked to do; throughly evaluate the facts of the case (the ball game timing was an excellent catch) and determine whether the State proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

I’m liking the DA more as the series goes on. She didn’t magically fix things, but she was willing to listen.

Unfortunately, the fact that the ADA’s case was built on faulty information isn’t enough to interrupt the process. Technically, this is why there is a system of appeals.

But without Robyn, would the defense ever have found out that assumption about where the victim got the drugs that were in her system or confirmed that the person the victim spoke to in the bar was mis-identified?

Without Robyn, would there ever have been any chance of the real killer being caught?

Curse the writers for making think of these things? Not really.

This was a great way to get Dante back on the force.

I wasn’t actually expecting his return to the force after this story, but it made sense.

Family Life:  Robyn worries about letting Delilah lie to her father.

This mostly felt like filler to leave more room for the main storyline.

Robyn’s worried that she’s taught Delilah a dangerous lesson by letting her lie to protect her work as The Equalizer.

Which is basically the point that Robyn made to Delilah before she left to stay with her father. Lying is dangerous and could have unexpected consequences.

But, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have missed these moments in the episode because the rest of the episode had me more captivated.

One of the things I most appreciated about this episode was Robyn’s quest for the truth did NOT involve Vi breaking any of the rules given to her as a juror. Plus we got Dante back on the force.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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