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The Equalizer - Pulse - Review

Title: Pulse

We finally got to the episode where they reveal the fate of Bishop after Chris Noth was fired.

Client:  Marcela, an agent Robyn trained 10 years ago, calls for help.

There are certain cries for help that you just do not ignore. Robyn wastes no time. Unfortunately, by the time Robyn arrives, the young agent is dead.

Before Robyn is able to fully react to Marcela's death, Marcela's handler, Carter Griffin (Bishop’s future replacement), sticks a gun in Robyn’s face….impolite and ineffective.

Marcela listened to Robyn well. Based on an anecdote Robyn shared during her training, she hid case information on a microdot under her fingernail. Old school can be <i>very</i> useful.

It was enough for Robyn’s team to figure out that her arch nemesis, Mason Quinn, is back on the gameboard and shopping for a weapon that would allow him to kill hundreds of people at a time and make it look like an unexplainable accident.

Apparently, a Russian scientist, who created a weapon that “fires” a directed magnetic field used it 7 months ago to take down a plane. Bishop was hired to look into the crash.

This weapon is now for sale and Quinn’s coming to New York for a demo.

As Bishop predicted, Mason Quinn makes Robyn more than a little reckless.

The most startling thing, and most telling, was Robyn’s pushing Harry to hack into the FAA's system to warn the pilot. Harry’s only just “come back to life” a government hack has the potential to send him back to prison.

The situation warrants it. I think I was more surprised by the way she told him to do it.

It led to my favorite sequence though…Harry trying to convince the pilot to turn around.

Harry finally told the pilot to send someone to talk to Bishop. Of course Bishop, apparently said, 'Do whatever this guy says to do.' But it was too late.

The plane fell out of the sky.

I knew, from the moment the episode started, that that’s how things had to play out, but I was still yelling at the screen.

Watching the plane fall was freaky, especially given the news out of China at the end of March.

I love watching Mel work. She decided to trust her instincts and cover Robyn’s back.

Watching Bishop die nearly sent Robyn over the edge. Again, Mel had her back.

Mel stopped Robyn from going so far on her quest to kill Quinn that she endangers the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, as collateral damage.

Family Life:  Dante’s trying to get his head right, and an old friend of Harry’s thinks he saw Harry.

Dante is being diligent about his physical therapy, but isn’t talking to anyone about his trauma.

His ex-wife (and good friend) suggests Dante consider talk to Robyn if he can't talk to her. After Bishop’s death Robyn could use an ear too.

This felt like the opening moment of connecting Robyn and Dante on a more personal (romantic?) level.

I’m still on the fence about this possible direction.

The other runner in the episode is  small step on the road of Harry officially returning to the land of the living.

An old friend, Paulie Schinzel, spotted Harry on the street and is convinced he’s losing his mind. Harry's inclined to let Paulie suffer because he didn't attend Harry's funeral.

So, was Harry there or did Mel give him a really good recap of the service? Regardless, Harry invites Paulie over to begin the process of reconnecting.

The casting of Paulie was, for me, perfect in that the actor absolutely fit the mental image I had of Paulie after hearing his name. I feel like we’re going to see this guy again. I hope so.

I really liked the episode. The left turn from a story about Chinese espionage to the closing chapter of Bishop's story and the reintroduction of a true nemesis for Robyn was unexpected.

I always enjoy it when I don’t figure out where a story is headed until the writers want me to.

I’ve liked Brett Dalton’s work for quite a while. But I’m still on the fence about how much, or if, I like Carter Griffin.

I’m very curious to hear what you think about him and about the episode overall.


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