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Nancy Drew - The Burning of the Sorrows - Review: "Ned's Glass House"

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This week we finally got to know Agent Park, found out more about what Temperance is really up to, and learned how and why the Frozen Hearts killer chose its victims.

I’m going to start off by taking a look at Ned’s disappearance and Ace’s discoveries.


Ned has officially moved into a glass house.

After trying to force George to open up about what was troubling her, or to at least let him in, Ned disappeared without a word.

He left his phone behind and didn’t even leave a note. At least George let him know she was okay. George was left worrying that she’d done something wrong.

No more high ground for you Ned.

George sent Ned’s childhood friend Eve to talk to him first. Sounds like George is going to want to have a private “conversation” with him. I am on her side.

When Even explained why she really came to Horseshoe Bay to find him it was immediately clear why Ned’s been ducking her since his release.

First she got him into the situation that led to his arrest. Now she wants him to help her clean up a murder she thinks she committed.

This does NOT fall under my definition of “friend”. Wow. Next week is going to be interesting!


Ace and Ryan have found their own ghost. I am loving Ryan more and more.

We got another glimpse of where Nancy gets her knack for puzzles and clues. Ryan’s been a great sport, following Nancy around, trying to connect with her.

Ryan found the pattern in the random knocks the ghost was using to communicate. Without him, Ace might not have found the clues that led them to look at the security tapes.

I love the fact that the guy who was introduced to us as a directionless playboy happily follows Nancy into her mysteries, and is actually helpful.

His growth has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of season 3.

Ace is able to pull audio out of the glitches in the security recordings. Am I the only one who thinks that that is Hannah’s voice repeating “Die”?

I suspected that Hannah didn’t voluntarily release the Copperhead, but I’m hoping she’s not dead.


Bess has come up with a plan to trap the Frozen Hearts Killer. She’s decided to give it a new name. It is now called “Copperhead”.

Why did she decide upon Copperhead? Because its hat looks like the hat worn by snakes in political cartoons from the Civil War. (I Googled™…. Bess is right the political cartoons included a snake with a human head wearing a jaunty chapeau. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I’m not really sure why Frozen Hearts Killer no longer worked, but I’m just going to go with it.

When the spell to trap the Copperhead goes awry, a different creature, called The Burning Sorrows, is released.

It feeds off your most painful memories and marks Temperance as its next meal.

The secret to surviving this is to let it consume your “most gut-wrenching memory” before you die it returns to a dormant state.

Feeding it quickly doesn’t seem like the best plan. Temperance is nearly killed because she resists giving up that memory. Her survival plan turns out to be better than Nancy’s plan.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like feeding The Burning Sorrows your memories means you no longer remember them. Bummer. There is zero upside to being attacked by The Burning Sorrows.

Lots of juicy tidbits in this part of the episode.

I’m really hoping that Agent Park is going to hang around for a while. We discovered that he became an FBI profiler after a 6year-old girl was killed in a school shooting.

He’s also doesn’t waste time trying to convince himself he did not see what he just saw. The emergence of an evil lighting type creature didn’t give him pause.

His only question was why Nancy and Bess seemed to consider the attack just another Tuesday. I hope this allows them to have Agent Park more involved in Nancy’s cases.

We also got some answers about what Temperance is up to. The writers managed to give us a lot of information without spelling out what her complete plan is.

Cora Dow seriously hated Temperance. She convinced Temperance’s husband to take her daughter away from her and had her son woo and wed Charity, leading Charity to turn her back on her mother.

It stands to reason that Cora was the person to convince the Women in White to exile Temperance form Horseshoe Bay.

We’re still waiting to find out why.

The writers managed to reveal how manipulative Temperance truly is while never telling us who started the feud.

Even taking into account the letter Temperance wrote to her daughter, I’m still not 100% certain in my belief that Temperance is pure evil. (And, yes, someone is finding those letters before the end of the season.)

How can we consider Cora Dow to be the good guy in the story when, instead of letting Charity find eternal rest after her death, she convinced her son to split Charity’s soul into 4 parts?

What really happened between Cora and Temperance back in the day?

Was/Is Temperance what Cora Dow believed her to be? Did Temperance deserve to be exiled from Horseshoe Bay?

What is the work she and Charity started? Is it why Cora Dow made it her mission to ruin Temperance’s life? Or is it how Charity plans to get revenge on the descendants of The Women in White?

What about you guys? What are your theories about why Temperance is in Horseshoe Bay? Do you believe this woman misunderstood, or is she a villain? (I’m leaning toward villain.)

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