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Instant Email Notification System *Updated 15th December 2022*

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Update: 15th Decemeber 2022 Seeing how Twitter is systematically suspending large amounts of our Show Specific Twitter accounts, thought it would be a good time to "Bump" this back up for those who want to be notified of either all News Articles, or just those for the shows they want.

Update: 8th December 2021 Been getting a few emails from people asking about how they can subscribe via email so thought it was time we "bumped" this back to the top of the site.

Hey All.

As many of you have noticed over the last couple of months, the company that provided our Email Notifications decided they were not going to continue running the service. Unfortuately after being a paying customer for 7 years they didn't even bother to inform us....


So we went in search of an alternative and we think we've found a very good one.... and better still it's free and the owners are good guys (They even made some changes to their own product to accommodate some features we required) . I personally use their service!

Here are some of the features:

- Unlimited Show/feeds
- Instant Email Notification for any NEW or Changed Articles
- Or you can have a scheduled email/digest for 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 hrs for those who don't want too many emails.
- You can tailor the subject field of the email
- Emails contain the text of the full article (You will still need to visit the site for things like Polls etc)
- Easily turn on/off feeds via your Dashboard
- You can use this for other sites you follow and not just SpoilerTV.

I'll give you a quick walkthrough below about how to setup your Shows/Feeds/Account.

1) Go to

2) Enter your Email and provide a password

3) You will then be asked to Activate your Email.

4) Click the link in the email

5) You should then see a Success message and be taken to your dashboard.

6) To add a Show/Feed to your Dashboard click on the Subscribe to New Feed Link.

7) In the Add Subscription screen you now need to put the URL/Link of the Show/Feed that you want to follow.

To find the address of your show go to this link.

Then scroll to the RSS Feed you want, right click on it and click Copy Link.

NOTE: If you want an email for EVERY Post we make you can use our Master Feed Address which is

8) Go back to Bloggtrottr and paste that link in.

9) Optionally change the Schedule to what you want.

10) You can also receive a one time email containing the most recent articles. This is optional.

11) When Ready click on the Feed me button.

12) You can repeat this process for as many shows/feeds as you wish

13) As you add new shows/feeds you will see them listed on your dashboard

14) From here you can Edit/Add/Delete/Pause feeds as you wish. You can also see/change the schedule of each feed and when it was last updated etc.

15) You can also edit some advance features by clicking on a feed. This will open up a Feed Edit Format

16) From here you add filters and change the email subject format.

You can read about the Email Subject Tags here

Your Dashboard can be found here

Other Feeds

We also have a number of other feeds that you might want to subscribe to. Here is a sample of them. If there are others that you need please let us know in the comments.

Pilot Shows
In Development
Reneals and Cancellations
UK Shows
User Submitted Polls
Daily Discussion
Industry News
Performer of the Month

Also if you want to follow a specific Author, you can use a feed in this format.

And then replace the XX with the authors 2 digit author code that can be found on their articles.

eg For Aimee Hicks her Author Label is AM, so her feed link would be

We hope you find this a useful service and if you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking below in the comments.

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