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We're now also on #Mastodon in the event of the #TwitterApocalypse

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Update: 15th December 2022 We've bumped again as in the last few days Twitter has suspended a number of our Show Specific Twitter Accounts:

They appear happy to allow previously banned people from hate groups, nazi's, terrorists back onto their platform but simple Twitter accounts that just post news about TV shows get banned. So it looks like our days are numbered on Twitter. How long our other Show accounts will last, who knows, and maybe they will even remove our main SpoilerTV account.

In the meantime we've created our own Mastodon Server where we will house all our Accounts. For now it's just our main account but in the future, we'll be created Accounts for the Main Show accounts.

Unless you've been living under a rock, new Twitter owner mElon Musk is single handedly doing his best to destroy his $40 billion company Twitter. From removing services, firing 80% of staff, firing anyone who disagrees with him, the blue badge/verification fiasco etc etc it seems that Twitter could implode at anytime.

As a result we thought we'd look for some Twitter alternative if/when Twitter implodes and no longer works. (NOTE: We're still on Twitter as well for as long as it lasts.)

As a result we've setup on Mastodon, a social network that has been around for a while but has exploded in the last couple of weeks. They are seeing 500,000 new account signups weekly with no sign of slowing down.

You can find us here.

Note we recommend the instance but you can sign up on any of the 1000's Mastodon servers/instances (They all talk and operate together so you don't need to be signed up on the same server as another user to follow them etc).

It's similar to Twitter in many ways in that you can Toot (Tweet), Follow, Boost (Like), add Gifs / Emoji's, Web and Phone Apps etc but it has a LOT of advantages.

1) It is Open Source and Free
2) It is not owned by anyone so no one can sell it etc
3) Trolls, Racists, Hate Speech is quickly shutdown and users banned.
4) There is NO ALGORITHM it shows you exactly what you want to see.
5) Your Feed is YOUR feed. No Ads, No Sponspored Posts, No Gimmicks.
6) Longer Toot box
7) No Musk
8) You can even Embed Toots

I cannot stress enough how good it feels to use a social media service like that where you are in COMPLETE control. Everyone should look to get an account now and then tell your friends/family/twitter followers. It's a real game changer.

Find out more below.

Lifehacker have a good beginner article here.

And here is another great beginner resource here.


For Desktop the web interface works great, but if you are on Windows and want a Windows app, I personally use Sengi

For Android I use Tusky as it allows for multiple accounts

There are also apps available for iOS and Mac etc. or the official iOS app here.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below and I'll try to help/explain. Hope to see you over there at some point.

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