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SEAL Team - All In - Review: Here we go again

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We've seen most of this episode before. I have to admit, that left me pretty disappointed.

Sonny and Lisa are sneaking around again. What can I say? They right where they were when they broke up the first time. Sonny willing to throw caution to the wind and Lisa, all but, freaking out about getting caught.

The only change is that Sonny is willing to join a different SEAL team. (Not likely, unless this is indeed the last season for the show.) That's growth, but not enough to freshen up this storyline.

Lisa is looking at opportunities that could take her away from Bravo Team. (Also unlikely, unless this is the last season for the show.) But, given that she's not a door kicker, they could have her take the promotion and become a recurring character.

Stella and Clay hung out as friends, again. This resulted another declaration of love – this time from Clay. They've been dancing around this since Clay broke up with Rebecca. It was so obviously telegraphed that there was nothing to really engage me enough to want to see more.

And Jason is, once again, unhappily longing to go back to Bravo Team. I don't think anyone is surprised by this.

I do realize that David Boreanaz is the star power of the series, and, I realize that it was unrealistic for me to hope we'd get to see the full story of a "door kicker" transitioning out of the field.

As I stated in an earlier review, I can be happy with Jason returning to Bravo Team.

What I really do not want, is for them to completely drop the story of Jason, developing a 'life' for "Jason" that's equal to the life he's build for "Bravo 1". There's so much character story for Jason and, for me, it's a shame if it doesn't get told.

Poor Ray returned to a seemingly endless line of interrogations about his captivity. Oddly, it stuck out to me that Ray visited the psychologist in his full dress uniform.

That moment when Natalie asked if Ray was sleeping, and Naima answered truthfully, at the same time Ray lied, was gloriously awkward.

The one thing about the episode that really made me happy was getting a couple of scenes with Jason and Ray really talking to each other.

I have missed those scenes so much.

The one unexpected thing in the episode was Blackburn's promotion. There's a new guy in Havoc (will it still be Havoc?) and he's NOT a carbon copy of Blackburn. Clay is at ground zero with this guy and Sonny's...well...he's Sonny.

But it was a sign of how much Clay has grown, that he handled it so well.

Poor Sonny. He was recognized for being good at his job...and nicely manipulated into staying on that path.

That was the moment I decided I liked the new guy.

After the high octane rescue of Ray, I was expecting this episode to transition us into the next phase of the season; which I suppose it did.

Unfortunately, it feels like we've transitioned backward.

As it stands...I'm not wildly interested in what comes next. That makes me kind of sad.

What did you think of the episode?

Clay’s Nicknames:

Crocodile Blondie (E1/2)
Blonde Ambition (E1/2)
Justin Bieber (E1/2)
Ol' Peaches (E1/2)
Blonde Icarus (E1/2)
Obie Blonde Kenobi (E3)
MahatmaBlondie (E5)
Ricky Schroeder(E7)
New Guy(E7)

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