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SEAL Team - Danger Crossing and Kill or Cure - Double Review

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On the homefront:

In a lot of ways, Danger Crossing is the episode I’ve been waiting on since the pilot. I was not disappointed.

In the wake of Jason’s bailing out on the surgery for his hip, Natalie doles out some tough love. She lays out the reality of his decision. Not having the surgery means his odds of operating for much longer are significantly reduced. The most surprising thing about all of this for me was for Sonny to join the chorus by telling Jason to have the surgery.

The other side of Jason’s story didn’t end up where I expected it to end. Emma needed some paperwork from the storage unit he’s been avoiding since he sold the house. In fact, the first time he goes to get the documents, he can’t even open the box.

After dragging himself out of bed and back to the storage unit, (something that could have been avoided if he’d told her about the surgery), Jason finds himself hitting the emotional rock bottom.

Even as Jason began to break down, I expected the episode to end with Jason in the same place he started; pretending he’s fine. But instead, Jason finally went to see a psychiatrist. He finally asked for help.

When I first started reviewing the show, I complained about the pilot raising the question of Jason’s mental state then, basically, dropping it. But it’s been clear since season 2 that it hadn’t been forgotten.

The stresses that have been put on Jason since the beginning of the show have been leading toward that final scene since at least season 2. So, seeing him sit down with a therapist felt right.

I also liked the way the therapist summed up Jason’s issues. The idea that Jason had been using Bravo 1 as a way to avoid the part of his life that is Jason Hayes makes sense with what we know about Jason.

As my interest and excitement grow for this phase of Jason’s story, I hope that the show doesn’t believe in that old fashioned notion that characters can’t under go this type of change because he always has to remain exactly who he was when the show started.

NCIS was successful with the growth of Gibbs. Hopefully, we will have the pleasure of watching Jason become a stronger, happier character. This show is on a short list where I trust the showrunners to handle this story.

Sonny’s return from a mission that nearly cost him his life brought Lisa to his door aaaannnnnd into his apartment. It looked as though they were a couple again, but Sonny admitted that he saw the wisdom of their break-up.

Actually, I was happier that he also reopened the door to their friendship and invited her back into the Bravo Team fold. I couldn’t help wondering though if her reticence had anything to do with Mandy’s cautions about being too close to the people she sends into the fire.

Lisa decided to visit her sister. I couldn’t shake the feeling that her sister was fibbing about her family having the stomach flu. I thought she was testing Lisa before introducing her to them.

Am I the only person who thought of Jason when she “I’m FINE”ed her sister?

Was Lisa’s bar fight something a JAG lawyer would help her with? That cop shouldn’t have arrested her. If she hadn’t been able to fight those guys, she would have in been more trouble, but...well...sigh. She needs a good lawyer.

Clay. Clay did something we haven’t seen anyone, other than Jason, do. He annoyed Blackburn so much Blackburn ordered him to shut up. Sonny called it. Clay signed up to be a grunt. The job is to follow orders.

I’m hoping Clay figures out what he needs to do to meet his ambitions. Given the way he’s beginning to think, I believe he also needs to figure out what his ambitions are. It sounds like he’s headed for politics, but, as Sonny says, that’s not where he is right now.

Mission 1: Rescue a downed Marine pilot

This mission was simple, but a lot of fun. Sonny was right. Captain Campbell was a bad ass. His crush was adorkable. As Sonny hit on her (clumsily), I couldn’t help but notice her complete lack of acknowledgement. I figure she’s put up with worse.

One of the great things about this show is the respect it shows for the women who serve our country. I shared Sonny’s opinion. When Bravo Team walked into that camp and found only enemy bodies, I cheered.

Is it just me or has Sonny wound up with his life on the line more than any other member of Bravo Team?

Mission 2: Protect Aide Convoys during Ebola Outbreak

It occurred to me, when the truck rolled into town while Bravo Team was on patrol that this was a bunch of two-bit bullies riding into battle against a supreme force. There was no way they were going to come out ahead.

The major take away from the mission for me was having a moment to get to know Vic. His evaluation of his teammates was spot on. He does strike me as a Ray in training.

Did anyone else catch the look Mandy gave Clay when he started pushing the fact that Bravo Team wasn’t better informed about the real mission?

Both episodes were solid episodes for me. What did you guys think of them?


Naima earned major points by not letting Jason walking into her house without even knocking upset her.

I grew up in a part of the country where it’s difficult to keep bugs out of a clean house. Pizza box on the floor....with pizza in it? Ewwwww!!!!

When Jason refused to tell his kids he was having surgery, I wanted to read a character the honest to goodness riot act. When I was 17, I got a call from my father to let me know he’d been checked into the hospital because of an issue with his heart. He drove himself there because “he didn’t want to worry us.” That is NOT the kind of thing a kid wants to be left in the dark about.

Clay’s Nicknames:

Golden Girl (E1)
Blonde Columbo(E2)
Blonde Rickles(E4)
Platinum Wonder(E5)
Princess (E7)

Clay’s Revenge

Clay referred to Sonny as the Texas River Cricket which made me laugh out loud.

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