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Black Lightning - The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three - Review

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Subtitle: Agent Odell’s Pipe-Dream

I’m curious about what you guys think Odell’s Pipe-Dream is? I think it’s the Meta army he’s trying to build. But then he takes actions that don’t seem to be focused on that. From a strategic standpoint he doesn’t seem to be making offensive moves. So, I have no clue.

Let’s take a look at Odell’s successes and failures in this chapter.

Odell is still looking for the briefcase that contains damning evidence against The President. Tobias Whale is his only lead. I do love the fact that Tobias is so stubborn that he refuses to give Odell an inch.

Sweet move, on Odell’s part, setting up that whole hallucination to stir up Tobias’ desire to get back at and destroy Black Lightning. I know there’s no evidence that Odell had anything to do with Tobias’ dream, but I’ve convinced myself he’s guilty.

As of the end of the episode, this was a complete failure for Odell. He still has no leads on the location of that briefcase. I’m not even sure whether Tobias knows LaLa has the briefcase.

In an effort to convince Jefferson to start working for him, Odell told Jefferson that he needed Jefferson to rescue a commando team that had been captured by the Markovians. Then he handed the Jefferson an extremely cool watch that generates a Black Lightning suit.

I am really hoping that Jefferson thinks to get Gambi to examine that watch. I’m betting Odell has planted something in that technology that will give him control over Jefferson at some point.

Jefferson found the missing commandos only to learn that Odell lied. Odell’s plan was for his commandos unit to be captured by the Markovians so that they could better search for Dr. Jace.

Despite the lie, Jefferson’s got no real choice but to help the commandos, unfortunately Dr. Jace is gone.

I consider this mission a 50/50 win for Odell. He got Jefferson to agree to work for him, but he lost Dr. Jace.

The next big item on Odell’s list was taking out a couple of Markovian targets. To get Khalil to his target, he needed to find out the location of that Markovian outpost. To get that information he needed to destroy the Markovian data farm.

Of course the best way to accomplish that is to lie to Jennifer about Nichelle’s death. He tells her the Markovians killed Khalil’s mother. It was nice to see Jennifer use her abilities in a controlled fashion.

This was solid win for Odell. Jennifer’s success gave Khalil the opportunity he needed to take out that Markovian house.

I realized that my lack of trust in Odell may be getting a little pathological.

I was a bit surprised that he was telling the truth about that data farm. I even expected there to be something up with the handkerchief he gave Jennifer when she started crying.


Grace is back! Very glad to see her, but I was expecting more time with her in this episode though. And Anissa is as stand-up as her parents raised her to be. She has a talk with Jamillah before going back to Grace.

Henderson finally got that promotion!

Apparently, Khalil’s “enhancements” came with a healthy dose of arrogance.

We’re starting to see the pieces come together. I still find myself having a problem matching Odell’s actions with his stated goals.

The fact that Lynne discovered that the virus killing the Metas is based on her work, gives me hope that we won’t have to wait too many more episodes before Lynn finds a cure.

How anticlimactic was Jefferson and Lynne’s return home? LOL

I’m really enjoying the season so far.

What did you think of the episode?

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