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SEAL Team - Paradise Lost - Review: "I Did Not Expect That"

Title: I did Not expect that!

One of the lessons my mother taught me, which got me through high school and college without any major incidents, was that I didn’t have go along with the gang in order to make friends. I thought of that lesson when one of the Pilipino commandos pulled out that jar of Snake Wine. (That looked more like a lizard than a worm.)

Snake wine. Really?

And they wonder why so many women look at group of men and just shake their heads. (And yes, that’s exactly what I did watching this scene. LOL.)

Unfortunately, despite several hours of intense training, this is the moment that Unit 3 Commander Shaw arrives to observe the “intensive and targeted training” that Bravo Team is conducting. If anyone has ever wanted an example of Murphy’s Law in action this would be it (were this not fiction).

I’m guessing, Unit Commander Shaw was never a grunt, or, for that matter, was never part of a team in his life.

If you read between the lines, it’s evident that Jason is in danger of losing Bravo Team. Jason’s reactions to Blackburn’s warning seem similar to how he reacts to issues with Emma. He expresses his knee jerk reaction, then calms and does the more thought out reasonable response.

When Blackburn tells him Shaw’s opinions, Jason dismisses them, because they come from someone incapable of command. Later, he does what he needs to do to protect Bravo Team. He writes up after action report on the training exercises as told.

What are the odds that Shaw enlisted via a path that allowed him to avoid OCS? I just realizes who he reminded me of…Lt. Gorman in Aliens.

It was obvious the moment Jason ran into Mike Zell that he was going to offer Jason a job. He’s got a lot of grunts in his stable, but he doesn’t have enough people with command instincts. He needs “alphas who enter a room and leave no doubt who’s calling the shots’ on his payroll. The job he’s offering Jason would pay Emma’s tuition in two months.

As attractive as the offer may be, Jason’s not ready to leave the team yet.

Ray remains on course to lose everything. He’s not traditionally cheating on Naima, but, from my impression of their marriage, what he does is possibly worse. He talks to another woman about what’s going on with him.

Will this new woman ultimately help him return to the man Naima married, or will it lead to him losing the most important things in his life?

Jason sees them together though…not sure that’s going to go well.

All of Bravo Team has become aware of the differences in Sonny’s behavior. He does a pretty good job of deflecting the ribbing. Clay manages to get him to admit there is someone. Sonny won’t say anymore, because she has big dreams, and he doesn’t want to stand in the way of that. As if I needed any more reasons to love Sonny. LOL.

OCS got really difficult for Davis this week. She was fine until she was tasked with leading her team into a burning building. She had a panic attack and collapsed.

The failure rocks her. It’s clear she wants to talk to Sonny, her best friend, for support. She finally does give him a call, but we don’t get to know for sure if she told him the full story about her day, or what he told her.

I suspect he gave her the support and encouragement she needed to keep going, but it’s a scene I wish we’d been privy to.

Most of the episode was dedicated to Bravo Team’s down time. Manila has definitely been more comfortable than their time in Afghanistan. The lull is broken by a bomb being set off just outside their bar.

The team gets right to helping the civilians injured in the blast.

Mandy’s mind goes operational. She wants to know what happened and who is responsible.

My first thought was that Clay would be happy to get the action he’s been craving. My expectation was nipped in the bud when Clay was badly injured in a secondary blast.

He’s airlifted back to the States. That was the last thing I expected for Clay’s story. Do you guys have any thoughts or theories on where they’ll go from here? Please drop them in the comments, because I have no clue. Truth be told…I love that!

What did you think about the episode?

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