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Black Lightning: The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega - Review + POLL

They managed to wrap up the major stories of this season pretty nicely. Jeff and Lynne rescued the pod kids. Lynne even got a fight scene out of it. She seemed kind of grateful not to be in a situation where she had to protect her image as an intelligent professional woman. She wailed on Dr. Jace.

Jace’s sense of self-preservation is kind of impressive. She forces Black Lightning to have her arrested because she doesn’t like either of her other options (the ASA or the Markovians).

Unfortunately, the Markovians planned ahead. They've got someone inline to retrieve her. It doesn’t bother me that much. For one thing she does deserve it. On the up side, we’ll likely still see her next season.

Tobias is generally a smart guy. After being forced to abandon the pod kids he devised a plan that would put him in a position to finally kill Black Lightning.

He used the public reaction to the Freeland DA deciding not to file charges against the cops who shot “Cape Guy” to create chaos in the streets.

Then he cuts the power to the city so Black Lightning can’t recharge. At that point he should be easy to kill. Not a bad plan.

Unfortunately, Tobias doesn’t have a clue about the team behind Black Lightning.

As Deputy Chief, Henderson is able to keep the police from over reacting to the public’s behavior in the wake of the DA’s decision. Rev. Holt returns to the canvas (from a coma) to calm the public.

Even Lynne helps destroy Tobias’ last-ditch effort to destroy Freeland. When the pod kids wake up, it’s Lynne that keeps the situation from going critical.

Shockingly, Odell actually listens to her. No one approaches the confused kids as they recover from their disorientation.

Gambi, with Jennifer’s help, gets the power back on quickly enough for Black Lightning to take down the surviving prison metas.

The most surprising person to come to Black Lightning’s aide is Lala. He’s weirdly Zen as he shoots Joe, the pyrokinetic.

Lala no longer has issues with Black Lightning. He even supports Black Lightning’s goal of saving Freeland.

I mentioned a while back that at some point Tobias’ lack of loyalty toward the people who work for him was going to bite him in the tuches.

Cutter was apparently willing to put up with a certain amount of Tobias’ verbal abuse, but her line in the sand was physical abuse.

She extricates herself from his grip and pulls a knife on him. Tobias has the audacity to be surprised and hurt when she walks out.

For some reason, I expected a different reaction from him in that moment. But his reaction still read as completely in character.

What was a little off for me, was the more extended scenes of Tobias was talking to his sister’s portrait. The chess scene was fine because Cutter walked in on a private moment, but after that…it felt a little too fast for him to be escalating.

Cutter’s exit left Tobias on without back up when his enemies arrived. He was on his own when enemies showed up.

Granted one was Lala who, as could be expected, was no match for Tobias. As with his powerful meta minions, Tobias set controls in place before letting Lala out of his sight.

Tobias took Lala down with a Latin phrase he’d programed into Lala when he brainwashed him.

In addition to preventing Lala’s shooting him, that phrase brought forth all of Lala’s tattoos at once. I think that process killed him.

The only thing that would have knocked that scene out of the park for me would have been seeing the smoke coming from Lala’s sweat pants as well.

Very cool. I was expecting Tobias to make another timely exit. I was assuming he’d be back for season three.

When Jennifer/Lightning arrives she wastes no time. (Don’t you love it when they avoid the speeches?) She attacks Tobias with her powers.

There has been much mention of how strong Jennifer’s powers are, and I suppose that strength was needed to overcome Tobias’ strength. (I never got a real feel for how frequently he needs his shots.)

It’s not until this moment that Jefferson talks to his daughter about her becoming a murderer. It’s becomes clear to Jennifer that he’s willing to die to save her.

It’s that, that causes Jennifer to stop her attack. She stops to keep from hurting her father.

Lightning did, it seems, weaken Tobias enough that Black Lightning is able to knock him unconscious. But, as much as I’ve been waiting for Tobias to finally lose, it seemed much easier than I’d expected for them to finally take him down.

I think what I was expecting was a battle that, in itself, too about a half an episode to wrap up.

Did they completely skip the judicial system? How? Was it Odell? I had so many questions the conclusion to the Tobias Whale story wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted it to me.

But…Tobias ends up in a prison charmingly called The Pit. Fitting.


Wow. Jennifer’s rash actions nearly get Gambi killed and she blames Tobias. I have always wished I could handle my personal responsibility like that.

Why did Perenna scream at Jennifer that she couldn’t be in her safe space? Was it just about Jennifer needing to manage her power and her emotions herself or could Perenna be in trouble and was trying to protect Jennifer?

Odell and the ASA gave us the set up for season 3 with the single creepiest entrance in my recent memory!

Next season Markova brings war to Freeland. Wonder if that’ll be a relief to the citizens or more pain.


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