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SEAL Team - Things Not Seen - Review: "Teens Can Be So Stupid"

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Mission: Rescue a Traitor

To say Mandy is annoyed that the CIA has gotten the go ahead on a mission she knows nothing about is an understatement of biblical proportions. By the end of the episode she was ready to take someone’s head off. The expression on her face when she heard about the trap would have made me take a step back.

Basically Bravo Team will be sent in to rescue a young American who, at 19, became an ISIS bride. She then allowed herself to be used in ISIS propaganda against the US.

It strikes me as one of those life-changing stupid decisions that teens make. We’ll never know if it’s one she can come back from.

Understandably, none of the soldiers in the room are willing to give her a pass for being young and stupid.

Mostly, this mission underlines the fact that soldiers go out on missions they don’t believe in, or that are made more dangerous (and sometimes deadly) because they’re sanctioned for political rather than strategic agendas.

They have no difficulty finding Jenna Robertson. The problem is she’s been wired to a bomb.

Summer takes charge. Is that level of calm when defusing a bomb learned from experience or an innate personality trait? Either way, Summer kept his cool and his focus.

Trent got to play with his bazooka! He just seemed so happy to have a reason to use that thing. It was hilarious.

Ray used his therapist skills to keep the terrified 22 year-old still on the chair.

It felt like a first step toward him reconnecting with his religious foundations. He actually prayed for Jenna. The question is…is it enough?

Of course the longer it takes Summer to defuse the bomb, the more bad guys pour in.

When that RPG shell embedded itself in the wall, I was expecting the same thing Bravo Team was expecting.

It was one of those awesome over the top moments that is so out there it had to have really happened.

Back on the plane, Jason got to be the voice of reason to Mandy, who went off on her boss. Is it professional pride or has she grown protective of Bravo Team?

Summer figures out why the bomb didn’t go off when Jenna squirmed on her chair as Bravo Team entered the room. For him it seems like some kind of cosmic gift. Ray isn’t willing to go that far.


I am a fan of C Thomas Howell. But Ash Spenser I want to beat with a wet noodle. This guy is all Clay needs while he’s struggling to get over Stella.

Daddy shows up crying about wanting a better relationship with his son. Clay didn’t seem to buy it and I’m guessing that most of the audience didn’t believe him either.

Unfortunately, Ash lives down to Clay’s expectations. Ash wants Clay to read his next manuscript, but after Ash mentions a classified mission in a televised interview, I can’t help but wonder if Ash really wants to pump his son for more juicy classified details.

This story is going to go on for a while, and I am excited to see how it plays out.

It looks like Ash may have inadvertently(?) put Clay in the crosshairs of his superiors so there may be some time spent looking for the real leak.

Jason and his kids are getting into a groove. I don’t know what Jason was doing to that ‘radio’(?), but it didn’t look helpful to it’s functionality at all.

Is this the first time we’ve seen him with his kids where he’s not pacing or anxious? Adam’s daughter Hannah is over. Jason and the kids are just hanging out. More importantly, they’re laughing.

Victoria Seaver invites Jason to a grief support group meeting.

Jason may be willing to slow down and hang out with his kids, but he is not going to talk about his feelings to strangers.

It looks like he will talk to Victoria, if only about ‘the Dad thing’. Jenna Robertson has had an affect on him as a father.

He’s worrying about Emma’s potential for making a mistake as catastrophic as Jenna’s.

Victoria reminds him that he has to let Emma grow up and make her own mistakes.

But Victoria believes there’s enough of Jason in Emma for her to be okay.

It’s nice that he has someone to talk to. If they’re considering making these two a couple, I hope they take their time. It feels like that’s what they’re planning.

Ray’s crisis of faith is on going. Naima’s got his back. He’s going to need some time though.

The other homefront story was, of course, Sonny and Davis. It’s definitely the morning after. Both of them have that happy buzz thing going.

Unfortunately, Sonny finds out about Davis heading for Officer Candidate School the worst way possible.

Did anyone think Sonny was gonna take that well? I guess whatever was about to start is over.

I am curious to hear your thoughts on the Sonny/Davis story. It looks like it’s dropped. I find myself unsure how I feel about the way it was handled.

In the wake of Sonny finding out will she final tell the rest of Bravo Team?

How do you feel about the way they left the Sonny/Davis relationship?

I’ve noted on several occasions how happy I’ve been with the way season two is progressing.

It occurred to me, while I was watching this episode, that the writers have struck a nice mission/homefront balance this season.

The missions have been satisfying and fun. Heck, Trent got to fire a bazooka. (Now I have to Google bazookas and RPGs.) The homefront stories are servicing all of Bravo Team really well. Honestly, my only request from this show is…more.

What did you guys think about the episode?

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