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SEAL Team - Backwards in High Heels - Review

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Mission: Rescue hijacked hostages from a terrorist group.

A Tunisama Fida Airlines flight is hijacked and taken to Doha. The EU, given they have more hostages on the plane, take the lead.

Delta is otherwise committed, so it falls to Bravo Team to join British SAS Forces. The EU intends to negotiate which means there are two Special Forces teams waiting on the go-ahead.

I suppose the EU’s negotiation team’s initial goal is to talk the hijackers demands down from releasing 50 prisoners to, say, 10?

It’s okay though, Mandy can out bureaucrat nearly anyone out there. She suggests the EU negotiation team take the lives of people killed by the released prisoners into consideration while they’re negotiating.

It works and they get the go-ahead for the mission.

In the first episode of the season, Blackburn told Davis she has “a group of the most dangerous egotistical men eating out of the palm” of her hand. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when Blackburn asked Jason to play nice with the SAS.

Yup, this is going to go smoothly. Jason did a pretty good job of playing nice. Yes, he got frustrated. But Ray didn’t have to pull him out of a fist fight or anything.

I found it interesting that, after all the tension between Mandy and Jason, he trusted her enough to confess to her that the root of his control issues lay in the fact that, the one time he wasn’t with Bravo team, a man died.

Is it beginning to feel like a lot of people make assumptions about what Jason’s thinking and those assumptions are frequently wrong?

I liked the SAS guy though. He pushed back at Jason, which I did expect, but he also listened when a better idea came around.

When he came up with a way to make Jason’s approach of an explosive breech work, Jason couldn’t resist the jab.

And later, when Jason has his moment of inspiration to blow the landing gear ( I love it when Jason gets the opportunity to be creative), the SAS team leader was willing the hand the operation over to Jason. Compromise!

Ray, as usual, has his eye on the emotional state of Bravo Team. I am proud of myself for recognizing that his analogy regarding Jason not being in charge was a football analogy. No clue who Wentz and Foles are.

He also took a moment to take care of Clay.

Davis is still too chicken to tell Bravo Team that she is headed for OCS.


Jason has a nightmare about someone breaking into his house and killing his kids. That fear drives him to want to teach Emma to shoot.

Not surprisingly, she wants nothing to do with guns. I’ve heard, I can’t remember where, that this isn’t unusual for soldiers and cops.

As Emma leaves for school, she makes an offhanded offer of a compromise. At least it sounded like a great compromise to me. Sounded good to Jason as well, because he got her information on taking Krav Maga classes.

Clay is not doing well at all. Stella stops by for her stuff. She had a key to the apartment, so why didn’t she get her stuff while Clay was out of the country?

Did she wait (selfish) because she wanted to see that he made it back from Mexico in one piece?

Sonny and Davis are great friends. They refuse to leave him cooped up in his apartment alone.

They’re also there to stop him from taking a pool cue to a guy he thinks is on a date with Stella. So, no. Not a good time to leave Clay alone.

I’m still chuckling over Sonny’s still using the info from Cosmo to track Clay’s process of getting over Stella. I wonder what his official label for Clay sleeping with a woman he picked up in a bar would be.

Interesting that Clay never told her his name. Am I the only one who thinks a real Teams guy wouldn’t announce to a woman trying to pick him up in a bar, that he’s a SEAL?

I was hugely anti-Clay when the show started, but, with the exception of a newbie being made Bravo 2 for a while, I am liking the way they’re handling the story of someone new to the pressure of the job.

It’s nice to see the team have Clay’s back and how they have his back.

Sonny is monitoring the off hours potential for stupid and Ray is counseling him on how to keep his head in the game.

Now here’s something I want to hear from other fans on…the idea of Davis and Sonny as a couple.

Davis reminds Sonny that it could destroy both of their careers. I am strongly against anything that keeps Davis out of Officer Candidate School. (I assume the bad judgment of ignoring the fraternization rules would be reason for her rejection.) I absolutely hate this idea.

Is this in character? Davis is fully aware of the consequences of this relationship. In that context and considering her goals, is she too smart to make a dumb move?

Is it fair of her to start something with Sonny when he doesn’t know about her heading for OCS?

And I have to ask why television can’t have women in positions like this (law enforcement, military, etc.) work with men and not have to jump into bed with their partner or best friend.

That’s a frustration I have with writers and fans. I can’t count how many series I’ve watched where fan bases start begging the writers to put so & so together.

If this move destroys Davis’ dreams I’m going to be angry. What do you guys think about Sonny and Davis hooking up?

This episode was a comfortable slam-dunk for me. Despite my strong disapproval of Davis and Sonny as a couple, this episode gave me what I want from this show: an interesting mission and some good stuff going on at home. What did you think of the episode?

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