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2018 Character Cup - Round 3

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Note - I'm not sure how people are finding the polls before they officially begin, but any votes cast before the round officially starts will be thrown out and the poll reset. Please do not vote in these polls anywhere but here or at my blog. It just takes up valuable time needed to get each round started and will not help your favorites.

With round 2 over, our 64 characters have dropped to the Sweet Sixteen. Congratulations to all characters who made it to this round. Unlike round 1, there were no major shakeups - although it did get very close for some fan favorites. Comic-Con was the major player in fandom attention this week so some characters here didn't start gaining in votes until close to the end. With four rounds left, there's no telling who will prevail.

Round 4 will start our mini-contest and I've made a note to myself to be more clear in the nominating directions next time. As much as people may love them, Magnus Bane, Jamie Fraser, and Bellamy Blake cannot be contestants in out Favorite TV Animal contest. We're looking for creatures with more than two legs. Also, I didn't specify that all nominated animals need to be named, unless there really are that many unimaginative TV pet owners, who named their animals "dog" or "cat." Finally, I needed to specify that the animal and TV show had to go together. I don't remember hearing about a penguin in White Collar, a hippo in Outlander, a shark in Shadowhunters, or a sloth in Lucifer. If I'm wrong though, let me know. Anyway, sorry for the confusion. I will be much clearer next year but in the meantime, thank you for bringing a smile to my face while reading them. With that, it's time to open round 3. Stats will be updated soon. Happy voting!

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Prediction Contest and Wish Lists:

Over in the prediction contest, things are moving around a little. Currently, Amber is in first with 52 points. Right behind her is Noor with 50 points. Bradley is in third with 48 points. It should be interesting to see how the rankings shake out with Lucy Preston out, but I think it is the fourth round that will really determine things when major hitters go against each other. As for the wish list, no one still has their whole Final Four in the running and only two have 3 out 4 still in contention. Pulling out ahead in her wishes is Joanna, followed by Caomoyl, and MariaSol. Lucky them! Thanks to everyone who has participated in these contests.

TV Talk Topic - When TV Meets Life

Many times when we talk about fandom, we talk about the negative things, but fandom can be a powerful tool for good as well. It bonds the lonely, helps the sick recover easier, inspires the bored, raises money for worthy causes, and encourages the introverted. A fandom united can build schools (SPN), restock underfunded libraries (Harry Potter), replenish blood drives (The 100), and donate thousands of dollars to charities and national disaster relief efforts (LOST and well, almost every TV fandom out there). However, even without the fandom experience, fictional characters can encourage us in hard times, give us courage to make a stand, make us laugh after a hard day, and help us believe in our ourselves. It's no wonder people are passionate about their favorite characters and science suggests that being a fan of something might actually be good for us. So what about you? How has fandom changed your life for the better? Has any TV character or show ever inspired you to do more with your real life? (Thanks to Toni for inspiring this topic.)

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