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Killing Eve - I Don't Want to Be Free - Reviews: The Fuse is Lit

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For the past six weeks Killing Eve viewers have been glued to their television or computer screens watching this sharp, well-written and complex cat and mouse game between MI6 Agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and the murderous Villanelle (Jodie Comer). The seventh episode of the series, "I Don't Want to Be Free", lights the fuse to what is sure to be an explosive season finale. This is the episode where all the pieces start falling into place, just not in the way we expected thanks to the brilliant mind of creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. From the beginning she has thrown magnificent twists and turns into this story, keeping the suspense high while bringing television a new take on thriller television. She has created two of television's most unique adversaries in Eve and Villanelle with great story-telling and award-worthy acting from the show's stars.

In "I Don't Want to Be Free", both Eve and Villanelle go rogue, in their own unique ways. Firstly, after learning that their witness, Nadia, has been killed in prison, Eve defies Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), whom she catches coming into the hotel early in the morning wearing the same clothes as the night before. They learn about Nadia's death at a bizarre breakfast with Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), who also seems to be wearing the same clothes as the night before. Coincidence, don't bet on it! Carolyn then takes Eve to an underground bunker of sorts where Eve is surprised to see Kenny (Sean Delaney). When Eve begins questioning if possibly Villanelle got into the prison and killed Nadia, Carolyn oddly orders her and Kenny to go back to London, then she leaves to finish "some business". This is where Eve goes even more rogue than she has at any other time in the series. Sadly, Kenny has brought Eve evidence of a connection between his mother and Konstantin in the form of what Eve calls filthy love letters. There are nice moments in these scenes where Sandra Oh shows that Eve is not so totally obsessed with catching Villanelle that she doesn't see the effect this discovery about his mother has on Kenny. Her concern and empathy are genuine.

Kenny also has found Anna (Susan Lynch), the woman whose husband Villanelle killed and was first sent to prison. On her visit with Anna, Eve discovers that the woman who knew Villanelle by her real name, Oksana, had more than a teacher-student relationship with the young woman. She shows Eve stacks of letters from Oksana to Anna, and the gifts she sent her. In an unsettling turn, Eve sees Oksana sent Anna expensive clothes and perfume much like Villanelle sent her. And, Anna is still strangely fascinated by Oksana and seems pleased to learn that the girl was not dead as first reported, and even wants to see her to tell her she forgives her for killing her husband. Eve warns her Oksana could be dangerous and that she should go stay with friends, but Anna has a warning of her own for Eve. She tells her that she is Oksana's type. Anna also shows Eve a mysterious gift, an expensive top-coat, that arrived recently that she now believes could be from Villanelle. Eve examines the coat and in the lining finds a package containing Villanelle's passport and credit card, which she proceeds to steal from Anna.

Villanelle in the meantime survives an attempt to kill her in prison by the not so catatonic Inga. In fact, by fighting to survive she commits what might be her most gruesome murder of the series. Then she is mysteriously being transported from the prison and elaborate escape is executed to set her free. Jodie Comer is again masterful at showing Villanelle's disturbed side when she views the carnage and bodies left in the wake of her escape with this oh-so-pleased-with-herself smirk on her face. She is taken to a room where she meets the obnoxious Anton (Andrew Byron), who tells her he is her new handler, he has a new assignment for her and that they are holding her passport and credit card until she completes the mission. He also tells her that things are going to be different than they were with Konstantin. Like Oh's scene with Kenny, Comer's moment of concern for Konstantin show that there is still some humanity in her is a shining moment of the episode. However, Anton learns the hard way that Villanelle doesn't like being told what to do when she coldly kills him. She is then shocked to learn that her new target is Konstantin.

Both women then get thrown curve balls in respective quests. In a great scene between Comer and Bodnia, who have shared great chemistry in this odd father-daughter like relationship in the series, Villanelle seems to let her guard down when she confronts Konstantin, by letting him take pills to kill himself instead of her usual messier methods. Konstantin appears to comply because Villanelle claims to be holding his wife and young daughter somewhere, then outsmarts Villanelle and escapes after beaning her with a log. She screams at him in frustration as he taunts her while making her escape.

Eve has returned to the bunker where Kenny has managed to hack into the CCTV cameras at the prison and is excited when he finds the video of Villanelle, confirming her theory on Nadia's death. That excited turns to shock when they watch the video of Villanelle being taken into the visitor's area. Eve eagerly watches thinking she's about to see who it is who is really giving Villanelle her orders. She and Kenny are both stunned to learn that person is none other than Carolyn!

The fuse is lit for what is sure to be fireworks in this week’s final episode of Season 1 of this amazing series, Killing Eve. Did you see this twist with Carolyn coming? Does Eve hold the key to Villanelle's escape (her passport and credit card) in exchange for saving a life? Discuss your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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