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Black Lightning - Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption - Review: "I Never Trusted Her"

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(Apologies for the late posting of last week's review.)

We get proof that the ASA isn’t back in Freeland just to kill Black Lightning. With Green Light on the streets, they’re collecting new meta-humans.

Anissa found the kids from 30 years ago that Gambi thought were dead. She discovers that they are, in fact, alive and in some type of cryogenic units.

But that wasn’t the biggest shock of that sequence… Anissa stopped to think before she smashed one of the units. Jefferson’s lectures seem to have actually worked.

I said it the week Lynne discovered that lab she sent Alvin’s notes to had been vandalized and I will say it again. The ASA knows how to cover their tracks. I’m beginning to think that Anissa and Jefferson need to have cameras installed in their suits.

When Jefferson discovers that the ASA is kidnapping kids again, he asks Jennifer to stay home. Anissa stays with her. She can’t help but try, again, to convince Jennifer to join her big sister and father in, what is becoming, the family business.

When Anissa accuses her younger sister of quitting everything, including her paralyzed boyfriend, Jen looses it, and, can’t help it, flames on.

When your mother is a scientist, these moments are followed with examinations. Lynne determines that her youngest daughter generates energy.

Jennifer isn’t the only person Anissa gets pushy with. She tries to convince her father to forgive Gambi. Jefferson can’t entertain the notion yet.

However, when Gambi is kidnapped and beaten, in an effort to force him to reveal the identity of Black Lightning, Jefferson finally takes the first steps toward forgiving Gambi..

After being rescued, Gambi tells Jefferson that he needs to find the spotter; the person who took over for him when Gambi quit the ASA. The spotter is Jefferson’s trusty Vice Principle. I never trusted that woman, but all I thought she wanted was to get Jefferson into her bed.

Unfortunately, Proctor isn’t an idiot. The circumstances of Gambi’s rescue lead him to surmise, correctly, that Jefferson Pierce is Black Lightning.

So, I’m beginning to think everyone he killed may be haunting Lala. Tonight his cousin, Will, visited him and was also burned into Lala’s skin. And again it was an odd conversation. I really enjoy these scenes.

Lala is a true entrepreneur. Since Black Lightning and Thunder destroyed the Green Light lab, no on is making money on the streets. The lack of supply of some new-fangled drug isn’t going to stop Lala from making money.

He decides to go old school and makes a deal to get some coke to sell. The man put up his mother’s life as collateral. That is just five billion kinds of wrong.

This show hasn’t disappointed me yet. I'm still loving the family dynamics. The twist of adding the Vice Principle Fowdy, as a villain has some potential.

The new fight choreography on display when Jefferson and Anissa returned to the warehouse eliminated one my early issues with the show. Black Lightning didn't feel like a "superhero" to me because the fight sequences were just fist fights with a light show. The new choreography was creative and made Black Lightning and Thunder's escape a lot of fun.

What did you think about the episode?

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