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Major Crimes - Conspiracy Theory: Part 2 - Review

The murder of one of the women suing Tackles ‘Breastaurant’, Vanessa, this case took a major change in direction. There were a lot of clues and information along the way which made this episode more interesting than the early episodes of the previous case. So far I’m finding this set of episodes better than the Sanctuary City block.

The autopsy reveals she was shocked, at least 15 times, while a bag was held over her head. The big question is why she appears to have welcomed the killer into her home, going as far as serving the killer a glass of wine. Notifications reveal that Vanessa tried to commit suicide.

As the dominos fall into place they realize that Vanessa was raped by someone connected to Tackles and that Bonnie was traveling the country looking for other victims of sexual assault connected to Tackles.

The murders revolve around the pattern of sexual assault. The Major Crimes Unit finally has a solid motive for murder.

Aside: I think I’ve figured out who the killer is. I’ll mention it in my comment on this review.

The other major focus of the episode was on Gus and Rusty. Rusty hands Gus a check for $10,000 (I thought the pay was bad in the food industry.) and the letter of recommendation and Gus gets angry.

He is embarrassed and ashamed. He’d rather endure the ruination of his career than go before a courtroom and admit that he was stupid enough to sleep with this guy.

They used Gus’ situation to explore the reasons sexual harassment is so under reported. The Tackles suit is the main backdrop of the murder mystery so it makes sense to explore the other aspects of the topic in the B-Story.

The break up of Rusty and Gus is a strong enough story that they can explore a victim’s reaction to sexual harassment without it feeling like a soapbox fest.

When Gus finally arrives to apologize for his initial reaction he takes a shot at begging forgiveness. Rusty can’t forgive him. Not surprising given how difficult it’s always been for Rusty to trust anyone.

I wonder if we have seen the last of Gus. Will Rusty’s story now focus on moving the Stroh storyline forward.

All was not strum and drang for Rusty. He got his diploma. The scene where Sharon reads the diploma was really sweet. Sharon and Andy were so proud. Sharon had another health incident on the job.

It looks like Sharon’s medical related retirement is going to be the way the series ends. I really liked the final scene of the episode as Sharon and Andy walk into a new doctor’s office.

Sharon is frightened and thinking about her mortality. Andy stepped up as the supportive husband. This is the most connected we’ve seen the couple since they became a couple. Why did they have to wait until the final season?

I am liking this case a lot more than the Sanctuary City case. What did you think of the episode?

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