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Major Crimes - Sanctuary: Part 3 - Review: "Yet Another Health Scare"

I have to confess that the onslaught of Sharon’s health issues annoyed me and immediately made it difficult for me to find the enthusiasm to watch the episode.

Threatening one of the detective’s health is beginning to feel like the show’s lazy go to for emotional drama. I have said before that their previous work raised the bar I expect the show to meet. At this point, they are falling below.

I felt bad for Buzz. When Julio walked in, and he quietly began to remove his “detective gear;” removing his jacket , tie and badge. No one noticed. How long before he signs up to do whatever is necessary to move from his volunteer status to a real cop?

The new chief managed to find a way to confirm that Father Jonas was having affairs with his students’ mothers.

The Major Crimes Unit spent the episode chasing down a number of leads. Buzz found a way to get Marvin Garrett into custody for questioning. They finally got a chance to talk to Garrett’s daughter. Julio’s eye for detail was on display immediately. He noticed newly turned dirt in the Garrett back yard and requested a cadaver dog to be on the safe side. Welcome back, Julio.

His daughter was, indeed, dating Lucas. (Her father’s rationalization about her boyfriend (she was dating “the American part”) was interesting.) She knew where they were going when they ditched the museum, but doesn’t know the specific location.

They were planning a surprise that would net ‘the best selfies ever’ of the best friends doing ‘the coolest thing ever.’ Unfortunately, this doesn’t indicate where the boys are now.

The Unit also interviews doctors at Dr. Garza’s clinic. It’s a little questionable that the clinic allows the doctor to continue to use drugs and do surgeries as long as it’s not at the same time, but I’d avoid that clinic.

Raydor decides to go to confession and discovers that Father Jonas conducted funerals for the poor and undocumented people at another church. They decide to exhume several coffins to see if the boys are dead and their bodies hidden with the bodies buried during those funerals.

While the LAPD chases down all of this information, the two FBI agents working with the ‘ad hoc’ task force sneak off to ‘follow a lead’. They returned with the boys who were hiding in Mexico.

While the fact that the boys were in Mexico puts their retrieval in the FBI’s jurisdiction, sneaking off without mentioning it stinks. Especially when they arrived at Major Crimes completely unaware that the boys were missing. The shenanigans send Raydor’s blood pressure into the ozone, and she collapses.

Rusty, isn’t sitting back and allowing himself to be a victim of Stroh’s. He has decided to investigate the many accidental deaths among the people that knew Stroh. He’s also, it sounds like, decided to let Gus go. I think this is smart. It looks like we’re going to end the series with adult Rusty, and I’m liking that so far.

I wish I could say that about Sharon’s illness. As far at the case goes, there were a lot of spinning wheels with no movement, but the return of the boys doesn’t seem to be the end of the case. There are, apparently, two episodes left. Given the health drama, I’m not really excited for the episode.

What about you guys? What did you think of the episode?

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