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Lucifer - Stewardess Interruptus - Review: Favorite TV Stalker Ever

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This week’s episode title was quite literal and in the first minute of the episode. Lucifer is about to get what he’s been after since the series began, but he discovers, during the course of the episode, that that’s not exactly what he wants anymore.

The next morning the stewardess, Jana, is found dead. Lucifer has a solid alibi, but that’s not his biggest concern. Lucifer is almost frantic to make sure that Chloe isn’t angry at him. She’s not. Jana’s interruption gave Chloe a moment to think about the long game.

She tries to make Lucifer understand that they’re just too different for a relationship. On the surface, I think she’s right. It takes most of the episode for Chloe to realize she’s wrong. Lucifer is changing. One of the fun things about the episode was watching these two characters come to that realization from two different directions.

When another flight attendant is found murdered by the same gun, Chloe points out that the only common denominator is Lucifer. She wants to bring in everyone he’s slept with in the last two months. The parade of conquests was one of the best sequences of the episode. Lucifer has left a long line of extremely happy customers in his wake.

There comes a point in her interrogations when she can’t help but try to find out if she’s just another one of Lucifer’s conquests. When she asks if any of these men and women shared an emotional intimacy with Lucifer, the answer is “no”. Good news for Chloe. Bad news for Lucifer as he realizes none of these people care enough about him to kill over him.

One of the things I love most about this show is the way they slip in unexpected ‘moments’. The interrogation sequence was hilarious. Lucifer can’t help but pat himself on the back as his special tricks are described (I’m scared to think too deeply about the butternut squash.) and then, in the blink of an eye, it is all on turned on its ear. Even Dan feels sorry for Lucifer in this moment. I love that this moment came as a surprise.

The Parade of Exes seems like an odd way to bring Lucifer and Chloe closer together, but I think it was the best way to get Chloe to realize that she’s not just another conquest to Lucifer; a sentiment underlined for her by Charlotte of all people.

Chloe does get a lead from The Parade of Exes. Lucifer has a stalker, Suki Price. I fell in love with her in her first 2 seconds on screen. I would describe her reaction to seeing Lucifer in her apartment as she exits the bathroom, but there is no way I could do it justice.

Suki is a thorough stalker. Apparently, she doesn’t just keep track of Lucifer but his partners as well. The woman knows whose couch Jana slept on when in LA on a layover. This…um..attention to detail (LOL) provides the connection between the victims that leads to the murderer.

Apparently Jana and Raj were smuggling something, not drugs, and extremely valuable into the country. Judging from the quick hard death of the person who stole the drugs from Jana, the package contained a biological weapon. So we’ll be seeing more of that.

Charlotte, once again, thinks that she’s come up with the perfect way to get Lucifer to agree to return to Heaven. She’ll tell him the truth. Amenadiel takes his mother’s advice and tells Lucifer the truth when he asks for advice. He tells Lucifer to ask himself if he’s good enough for Chloe.

Lucifer takes Amenadiel’s advice and determines that Chloe is right, they’re too different and can’t work. By the time he gets finished listing all the reasons they can’t work, I’m as ready to kiss him as Chloe is.

Unfortunately, Maze’s story didn’t work as well for me this week. Actually, it didn’t seem like a story so much as a collection of scenes. She started the episode looking for someone to acknowledge and congratulate her on getting the guy who killed Chloe’s father killed.

Maze, not surprisingly, hasn’t paid a lot of attention to the kind of person Chloe is. If she had she wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Chloe wanted the guy rotting in prison.

Linda advises Maze to find her self worth within herself. Maze decides she’s right and pretty much just lets people know she’s awesome because she thinks she is. The scenes were hilarious (especially the lunch scene) but it felt like a couple of scenes added more because the actresses’ contracts require them to appear in a certain number of episodes this season.

I really enjoyed this episode. It did great job balancing the crime story with the character story. My highlights were the interrogation sequence and the introduction of Suki. What did you think of the episode? What were your favorite moments? Any theories about what those vials were meant for?

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