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The Whispers - Collision - Review

Within the first few moments of this episode we get a glimpse of Claire and Sean’s life. It’s a flashback that shows that Sean left by choice. He volunteered for the mission that seemed to have started the phenomenon that is now occurring. It was a strong scene that shows the audience how bad the relationship was getting between the two. In the past episodes we have learned that Claire and Wes worked together and they developed some sort of relationship, most likely an affair, whether that be emotional or physical. This causes both marriages to be strained. During the flashback, Sean asks Claire if she loved Wes. She says no, but there was hesitation there, leading me to believe that she was saying no in order to get Sean to stay. This of course didn’t work as he felt that she was lying.

Back in present day we get the emotional display of Claire telling her mom that Sean is alive. The FBI believes that he committed crimes that she knows aren't possible. She also informed her mother about meeting a doctor that treated Sean and stated that he didn’t remember his life. They even saw each other and it was like he was looking right through her. It was mentioned in that conversation that they weren’t perfect together but she knows that something is wrong. I’m hoping that as the show goes on we will get more information about their past. Sometimes watching this show makes me feel like I’ve missed the first season. This keeps me invested as I’m constantly trying to figure what happened in the past along with trying to understand the mysterious Drill entity.

Elsewhere we learn that Jessup Rollins believes that it would be best if Claire was pulled off the cases that involved tracking down her not-so-dead husband. Executive Director Alex Myers agrees with him but informs him to tread lightly. Does anyone else feel that Claire isn’t going to stop looking for her husband? If you felt the same as I did, you were right! She hasn’t given up. In fact, it seems that her and Wes are heading down the same path trying to find Sean.

When we see scenes of Sean holding the doctor hostage it’s clear that he has lost memory of his family, life, and what happened to him. What he does know is that he has these experiences similar to déjà vu that lead him to where he is supposed to go next. On their way to his next location they stop at a gas station for Sean to grab the things he needs in order to get cleaned up. This provided the doctor an opportunity to slip the store clerk a card with Claire’s information on it. Smart move by the doctor, but not so smart on Sean’s part. There are some supernatural forces at play though, and Sean and the doctor escape before the the authorities can catch up with them. The doctor hasn’t given up trying to get away just yet. She even goes so far as crashing the vehicle that they were escaping in. Of course, this doesn’t work as she had planned. She reaches an electric fence and can’t run any further. Sean was right behind her anyways, and probably would have caught her, with or without the fence.

I found it interesting to watch Claire and Wes separately searching for answers in parallel to each other. Wes went to the hospital and questioned Harper’s father about a fax that was sent to him. While there he had learned that Claire had been there already to question Harper about her mothers’s accident. Immediately afterwards we see Claire at a bakery where Sean had been before. She was showing his picture to the wife of the owner pleading with her to tell her why he was there. She divulges that he was at the bakery to receive a payment, but that is all the information that she has. Claire returns home to find Wes waiting for her. They discuss what they both discovered and learn that everything is connected. The fax that was sent showed faulty pipes at a nuclear plant that a technician was going to report until Jackson Bellings detonated a bomb in the building he was working in. The message never made it to Harper’s father due to his wife’s accident. We, the viewers, all know it wasn’t an accident at all. The supernatural force known as Drill was responsible. Once they each talked about their findings they discovered that Sean’s mission was to cause a nuclear meltdown somewhere. However, they did discover that Sean was using kids with parents that have access to the information he needs. He was doing this through their imaginary friend Drill. When Wes learns this he realizes that his daughter, Minx, is one of Sean’s targets.

You know that awkward moment when you’re the former mistress of a man, and you need to go to his house with his wife and daughter there, and question his daughter about her crazy imaginary friend? Okay… that doesn’t usually happen, but it in this episode it did. I could feel the tension as Claire questioned Minx while she gave her attitude and her mom stared her down. At first, Minx refused to talk about Drill as Dr. Rosen told her that he wasn’t real. Apparently Dr. Rosen needed to be more careful when talking about Drill. It’s unfortunate he never saw that car coming…

Minx does finally open up, but only once, and it is about the game that Drill was wanting her to play. She showed Wes and Claire papers that explained that Sean was headed to a nuclear power plant near them. I wonder if Drill is going to be mad about this? Now that Wes and Clair know where Sean is headed will they be able to catch him?

Overall, I enjoyed this episode! I still have a lot of questions about who or what exactly this Drill entity is. Why does he only communicate through Children? It’s a great idea and I’m hoping that these questions will be answered soon! I’d also like to get to the bottom of what happened between Wes, Lena, Sean, and Claire. Does anyone else feel like the series could have started a few months back in the timeline? Regardless, I’m hooked! What about you?

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