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Younger - In the Pink - Review

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I don’t know about anyone else but the newest episode of Younger was the one I’ve been waiting for ever since season three’s finale. The mended relationship between Liza and Kelsey felt like a breath of fresh air. In The Pink, episode four of season four of Younger shows us the start of a stronger bond between Liza and kelsey, a new dating life for them and Lauren’s heartbreak.

The part of this entire episode that I loved the most was seeing Kelsey and Liza close again after what seemed like forever of Kelsey treating Liza like she was the plague. It was refreshing to see them talking in honesty. It was so sweet how Kelsey has basically taken Liza under her wing in a new way. It was a great moment when they were talking in the street and Kelsey admitted that she would hope her mom would be willing to do what Liza is in order to help her daughter out. Having the ability to understand Liza’s motives will go a long way to repair their relationship and we already see that as Kelsey takes Liza out for drinks at a place more for her. Though Liza seems a little offended that Kelsey would take her to a place that seemed “old”. I’m looking forward to seeing more of their dynamic when they're around others that don’t know Liza’s secret. So many great moments ahead and I can’t wait to see more to come from them.

Another major aspect of this episode included Kelsey and Liza jumping back into the dating scene. Kelsey might have found herself a winner if she can put aside the work conflicts. I have a strong feeling that she’ll have trouble doing so. As for Liza, I think she found her bad pancake in Diego. He appeared to be charming and an all around good guy from the little we see of him until the end when he drops the bomb that he’s only single in New York. I have to say I’m happy that that relationship will most likely will not be going anywhere. As a team Charles fan I certainly don’t want to see her end up with another guy but if she does, I want it to be Josh. Speaking of Josh, sadly we didn’t see him in this episode but it looks like he’ll be around next week.

Poor Lauren, I liked her grading system for dating Max. It’s a great idea if you don’t get caught but that wasn’t the case here. Max and her have ended things but from the past couple of episodes it suggested she wasn’t even remotely happy being settled down anymore. I have a feeling her new found freedom may not be all that it’s cracked up to be but I’m sure it will provide us with some very entertaining moments that only Lauren could give us.

I may have mentioned this in my last review but there’s just something about Montana that I can’t stand. I don’t trust her even though once she found out that Josh was Liza’s ex-boyfriend she decided to stop being Maggie’s assistant due to it being awkward. I’m hoping her storyline will come to an end soon as we only get twelve, twenty-two minute episodes and I don’t want to waste any more time watching her. I’m wondering if anyone agrees with me on this. Are you enjoying the Montana storyline?

Favourite scenes:
Liza in the bathroom with Belinda.
Kelsey and Liza talking on the street.

Favourite lines:
Charles: Did she say anything before?
Liza: The last thing she said was “man are just candy”.
Diana: It’s a great book title.

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