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Younger - Fever Pitch - Review

We’re now into the second half of the fourth season of Younger and things are taking a very interesting turn. Liza and Charles' relationship develops more only to be interrupted. Kelsey, Lauren, and Josh take a trip to the country for a little escape where Josh and Kelsey come face to face with what’s going on between them. Not a surprise to say Younger is very entertaining (as always) and leaves us waiting impatiently for next week's episode to see what happens next.

Dream sequences are never my favourite. I always find them frustrating as it’s a tease of what you want but don’t actually get. This episode of Younger entitled, Fever Pitch starts out with exactly that, a dream sequence that's unfortunate for us team Charles fans. We don’t come to realize this until Liza wakes up from her intense dream. However frustrating I find scenes like this to be it was well done and started off essentially from the last Liza and Charles moment. This dream of Liza’s prompted her to talk to Maggie about how she can’t go there with Charles, only to have Maggie say just get it over with already and move on. Later on, Liza does seem to adhere to her advice by going to Charles and kissing him.

At first because we were duped in the beginning of this episode, I was wondering if they’re tricking us again only to discover this time it’s the real deal. It was well played and great to see Liza make her move. Sadly though this was interrupted first by the janitor, George, whom I’m guessing knows exactly what was going on and then, interrupted by Charles ex-wife, Pauline. I could one hundred percent say I did not see that coming. Did you? This twist/complication will certainly make for entertaining moments but I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that the writers went this way. It seems a little clichéd for my liking, not to mention some of us spent four seasons looking forward to when Liza and Charles get to be together only to be faced with Charles’, ex-wife. With Liza’s big secret that she’s keeping from Charles, I thought that that was enough of an obstacle for them to face but I guess not. I foresee a lot more teasing of their relationship and way more complications for them, lets just hope it’s doesn’t turn out as clichéd as I’m worried it will be.

Nearly at the beginning of the episode Kelsey decides that she doesn’t want to go into the office to face a looming Charles. So she escapes to an interesting lake cabin (lets underline interesting about five times) with Josh and Lauren. Witnessing those three hang out and relax was great to see especially with the dynamic between Kelsey and Josh. They’ve both been through a lot lately and it was nice to see them leaning on each other. In one moment of honesty though these two cross the friend line with a kiss. I have to say I enjoyed how this was handled, especially by Kelsey. She admitted to Josh that it’s not a crazy idea but it’s not right. When Kelsey told Liza that she was in the country hanging out with Lauren she omitted the part about Josh being there which made me think this could lead to a whole lot of trouble and backstabbing. With Younger being centred on the relationship between Kelsey and Liza, I don’t want to see Kelsey be disloyal to Liza no matter what Liza did in the past. So I can say I was more then relieved when Kelsey realized that she didn’t think it was right to cross that line with Josh.

When the promo first showed the Josh and Kelsey dynamic could be changing I was worried that would make me very disappointed in both Josh and Kelsey. I have to say though how this was played out between these two in particular in this episode was great. I could understand them developing feelings for each other and even wished I could root for them if it wasn’t for the fact it would hurt Liza. Maybe with time it wouldn’t be so bad to want them to end up together but just not yet. Not with Liza and Josh still on rocky ground. With all this drama it might be hard to believe but there was lots of laugh out loud moments making Younger my favourite comedy on TV right now. What did you think of this episode?


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