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Younger - A Close Shave - Review

Well that was a fantastic episode! Younger keeps us laughing each week with all the wonderful (albeit crazy) characters. With an out of hand twitter feud, Maggie’s obsession of a mustache, and Liza’s secret being exposed by one more person I could not have enjoyed this episode more. Okay, that’s a lie. Every week I end the episode wishing this was an hour long show just so we could enjoy more Younger!

We start out in this new episode entitled, A Close Shave, with the surprise success of the dog book that Liza was blackmailed into publishing. This would have led to helping Charles landing the book deal with their top seller, L.L. Moore until Kelsey and her new beau, Zane’s twitter feud. It’s all fun and games until it’s not. Kelsey got carried away. She even stood up to Charles when he said it wasn’t a good Idea to continue on with the online war with Zane. Poor Kelsey just doesn’t seem to have any luck with men and Zane is another example as he took their war further then just a couple slamming tweets when he used information he got off of Kelsey's phone moments before Kelsey decided she should stop messing around and calling a truce. After Zane stole L.L. Moore, Kelsey is now boyfriend-less and worried about the repercussions from losing Empirical’s best seller and top money earner. I loved that we got to see Kelsey making a mistake at work. For the most part she’s been kicking ass and never once has she butt heads with Charles but seeing how she crossed a major line and defied him it will be interesting to see how she can get back into his good graces and how Empirical will survive without Moore.

As always Diana is around to provide us with lots of laughs as she’s dealing with letting go of her long time need to get Charles to notice her, seeing how she has the inability to inform Richard that she’s in love with him. Liza is trying to help Diana see her feelings for Richard more clearly and in the end she does but not before she states that she’s turning off the charm and Charles can get a birthday cupcake like everyone else. I wonder if this means next time we see Diana she won't have those huge necklaces on. They’re almost a character of the show now and it would be a shame to lose that.

Maggie and Lauren are hitting the bars when Maggie catches the eye of Donna, a woman with a little something extra. Watching Maggie obsess over the moustache was too comical. She goes around her apartment turning the lights out and when ever the opportunity comes up she alluded to the fact that Donna has a moustache. It was hilarious and not to mention not very subtle, especially when she attempts to shave it. One of the funniest moments in this episode is when Maggie tells Liza about the moustache, by saying she has a stash and she keeps it on her face.

The greatest part of this episode was Liza’s secret being exposed by another company’s publisher, Jay. During dinner with Liza’s daughter, Liza crosses paths with Jay. Unfortunately for Liza she’s outed as mom leading her to have to explain things to Jay before he can further expose her secret. These two end up having dinner, and to my surprise Jay seems like a good guy telling her doesn’t think she should tell anyone the truth and that if she needs a friend he’s there for her. He’s so nice in fact, he goes so far as to insinuate to Charles that he’s dating Liza when Charles sees them at the restaurant. This was an amazing twist to the Chalres/Liza dynamic because Charles seems to be holding back from trying to start a relationship with her. From all the times he’s mentioned their age difference it was like a slap in the face for him to discover that she has no problem dating someone in their forties. He’s so upset by this that the end scene left everyone counting down the hours until next week's episode. What happens next between these two now that Charles yelled at Liza for dating a publisher in his forties that’s not him? It was a beautiful moment and I can’t wait to see how this changes things between them. How about you? Are you looking forward to seeing more of Charles and Liza?


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