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Younger - The Gift of the Maggie - Review

After last season's finale we were left with the heartbreak of Josh and Liza’s breakup. We are now nearing the middle of the fourth season and still have to witness the emotional trauma between those two. With this newest episode “The Gift of the Maggie” we finally get to see a stunning scene that helps mend some of this heartbreak together, as Josh and Liza have a heart to heart moment. That, and some great Maggie scenes have made this episode my favourite episode so far this season.

Before I talk about the wonderful moment near the end of the episode between Josh and Liza, I have to talk about Maggie (Debi Mazar). She did a wonderful job in this episode. Debi is always great but in this episode I loved her ability to own the scene. Her moments with Josh were great but when she attacked the painting in order to prevent Montana from being able to sell it was awesome. I was laughing so hard when she then takes the knife she used on the paint to stab the pepperoni. That was pretty kickass! I hope in the future we get to see more of Maggie protecting her work and maybe see her make a come back in the art world. So far most of the Maggie scenes we get are centred around her failed love life. It would be great to see more of her in a different light. I think the fact that Diana was interested in Maggie’s work was a hint that those two will interact later on. If that’s the case, I can’t wait!

The lack of Josh in last week's episode was definitely made up for this week. We got a lot of awesome scenes with him, including scenes with him and Montana. I mentioned before that I wasn’t a fan of Montana but in the beginning of this episode I thought maybe I judged her too soon. Josh seemed happy but then she surprised him with a trip to her parent's house E.en more surprising was when we saw her art work. Once that was revealed I knew she was done for. I loved Josh’s loyalty to Maggie, even though he was dating Montana and she told him that Maggie gave her the art work. It didn’t sit right with him and he told Maggie about it which led to the awesome scene of Maggie knifing the painting. In the end Josh loses Montana but has a wonderful moment with Liza, one of the most emotional scenes for those two since their breakup. It was beautiful. Josh asks Liza why she kissed Charles and Liza tells him how she didn’t want to be the one to stop him from having everything that he wanted in life that she couldn’t give him, like kids. Breakups are hard and it’s devastating to think that just because you can’t be in a romantic relationship with someone anymore that you can’t have them in your life at all. Liza’s lines to Josh were so captivating when she told him that she still wants to be in his life. It appeared that Josh wants that too and I can’t wait to see them trying to be a part of each other's life as friends. It might be a long road ahead of them but it will certainly be great to witness.

Mixing business with pleasure never seems like a good idea. Kelsey certainly knows this as she has done this before but it’s not stopping her from continuing to date Zane. She’s dealing with the conflicts of enjoying her time with Zane while signing one of his authors. I can’t help but think Kelsey is setting herself up for a war that she might not win. That being said, one of my favourite scenes this week was with Charles congratulating Kelsey on signing the big author by saying she was a shark and her response was to tell him ‘it’s a good thing some sharks can reproduce alone”. Charles’ seemed so uncomfortable, I could not help but laugh. What was your favourite scene from this week? And do you think Kelsey is making the right choice to date Zane?

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