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Interview with the Vampire - The Thing Lay Still - Review: Surprise Party

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Interview with the Vampire 1×07 “The Thing Lay Still” is the perfect climax to a season full of twists, blood, and guts, not only physical but also emotional. The show surprises us once again while leaving us with honey on our lips. Time for a review!

Here we go!

Louis and Lestat's love is toxic, but it is love after all. That means they will choose each other no matter what. Claudia knows. So she decides to keep Louis mostly out of her plan to kill Lestat. She is tired of being in the middle, having to put up with Lestat, and giving in to his manipulations. That’s the reason why she gets mad at Louis. Claudia is furious that despite all of Lestat's manipulations and everything he has done to Louis, he continues to choose him over her.

Claudia hates that Louis can't let Lestat go. No matter how hard she tries, she can't get into that intimate bond they have, even though Louis makes her think she can. So Claudia shows her cunning and her intelligence by leaving Louis out of her grand plan because deep down she knows that if Louis has to choose…he will choose Lestat, even if doing so is tearing him apart.

True to the theatricality that characterizes Interview with the Vampire, a party marks the end and the beginning of a new adventure. Mardi Gras stars in “The Thing Lay Still” because our favorite vampires decide to say goodbye in a big way. Before it all goes to hell, Louis and Lestat have one more moment to forget everything and just lose themselves in the love they share... though it doesn't last long.

Lestat knew that Claudia was up to something but his arrogance plays tricks on him and, while he thought he had won, Claudia deals him the final blow in a scene that almost reminds us of the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones. It’s shocking, disgusting, and heartbreaking. Lestat dies, he has nothing left, but before he leaves he wants to see Louis's face.

Lestat wants to leave seeing his eyes for the last time... and that is what ends up breaking Louis. He couldn't let him go from the beginning but much less after this. So he doesn't burn Lestat. He can’t do it. And despite what he tells Molloy or what he tries to convince himself, the only truth is that Louis was aware that he, by not burning Lestat, was giving him a chance to live.

The pride and arrogance with which Louis speaks, as if he had chosen to kill Lestat, giving him the coup de grĂ¢ce, doesn’t fool Molloy. Well, the only truth is that what Louis did was an act of mercy and then he gave Lestat a chance to survive. This opens up great possibilities for season 2 of the show since Lestat will return wanting revenge... and surely he will meet his family.

However, Interview with the Vampire 1×07 “The Thing Lay Still” had not finished with the surprises and had another twist prepared for us: Rashid's identity. Once it is revealed that he is Armand, you realize that the show was setting up this twist from the start.

Honestly, not having read the source material, I don't know much about Armand other than that he's tremendously important to the story. Although I have to admit that it hurt a lot to hear Louis introduce him as the love of his life.

In any case, I'm ready for season 2!

Agree? Disagree? Don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments below!

Interview with the Vampire aired Sundays at 10/9c on AMC, or you can stream ahead on AMC+.

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