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2022 Character Cup - Round 2B

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Round 2 is shaping up to be a doozy with the biggest blowouts so far and at least one super tight race. Unless a massive surge in voting occurs, it will see one top-nominated character out of the Cup in his first bout. There’s still 2 hours left to vote so nothing can be called, but there is definitely some frontrunners in this year’s Cup. It will be interesting to see how today’s polls fare.

Below is a link to all the 2022 Character Cup posts, rules, prediction contest, a brackets, and most importantly, the daily TV Talk Topic. We have a new TV Talk Topic every day and all are encouraged to participate. It's my favorite part of the contest. The Character Cup goes by very quickly so don't forget to check SpoilerTV every day to vote, look at the prediction standings, and participate in the daily discussion. Happy voting!

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Round will end at approximately noon CST on Tuesday, August 2. The round 2 polls will overlap due to some prior commitments this week.

TV Talk Topic: Storytelling & Show Runners

When creating a multiple-season show (not a book adaptation), is it better to pre-plan the entire story and, for the most part, stick with it, or come up with ideas as you go along, changing your original plans if you come up with something better? How important is the show runner to the overall story of a show? (Thanks to Ivana Cvetanovic for the topic.)

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