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Better Call Saul - Hit and Run / Black and Blue - Review

Two great episodes by four very talented women. The past two episodes of Better Call Saul have been written and directed by some of Better Call Saul's very talented women. Hit and Run was directed by Rhea Seehorn and written by Ann Cherkis. Hit and Run focuses on the next step in Jimmy and Kim's plan, which involves a Breaking Bad favorite, Wendy. 

It started in the episode Rock and Hard Place; We saw that Jimmy and Kim's plan had something to do with Howard's car after Jimmy got a copy of Howard's car key, thanks to Huel and his slippery hands. Howard arrives at his therapist, parks his car, and walks upstairs to his appointment. While Howard talks about his problems with his wife, Jimmy comes walking down the sidewalk in his "Howard" suit, a spray-on tan, and a blonde wig. Jimmy gets into Howard's car and drives off, but not before he puts a cone in the parking stop to save it. Then Jimmy arrives at the famous Crossroads Motel from Breaking Bad. Jimmy was there to pick someone up; who was it? Wendy, the working girl that was friends with Jesse Pinkman. Jimmy and Kim hired Wendy for their plan; Wendy gets into Howard's car, where Jimmy and Wendy drive off. At the same time, Kim was having coffee with Cliff Main and asking him for some career advice. Soon Jimmy comes speeding by, stops, and throws Wendy out of Howard's car. Cliff saw and thought it was Howard, which was just what Jimmy and Kim planned for; it worked. With Lalo still on the run, Mike and Gus are looking for anything suspicious. Gus has his entire house full of security cameras and a full-time staff. But that's not all; Mike has men following anyone Lalo could approach, including Kim and Jimmy. 

Black and Blue is another great episode directed by Melissa Bernstein and written by Alison Tatlock. As Jimmy's business booms, he has no choice but to move his office to a new location. He got kicked out of the nail salon because of Jimmy's new client tell. 

As Jimmy started to set up his new office and as promised, he called Francesca to offer her a job as his new assistant. Reluctantly Francesca agrees, but only if Jimmy doubles her salary. Money is on Jimmy's brain, which leads him into a "Howard" trap at a boxing ring. Howard thinks he has figured out Jimmy's plan. So he decided to make a house call appointment with Saul Goodman. When Saul arrives at the ring, Howard comforts Jimmy about what he has been up to lately. Jimmy, of course, denied Howard's claims. So Howard challenged him to "box it out." Jimmy thought it was a joke, but Howard could not be more serious. Jimmy plays along, but Howard punches out Jimmy and gets the last word as expected.

Lalo has yet to show his face in Albuquerque, leaving Gus nervous on edge. It turns out Lalo is still wondering what Gus was building. So he made a trip to Germany to track down Ziegler's widow. With all the charm in the world, Lalo still left Germany without an answer.


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