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2021 Character Cup Winner and Wrap-Up

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2021 Character Cup Winner

Malcolm Bright

Prodigal Son

64 polls later and we have a winner! Congratulations to Prodigal Son fans for voting Malcolm Bright to the top. In a tightish race that saw Sam Winchester pull an early lead, Malcolm gained votes steadily and pulled out ahead around the midpoint. Once he did, there was no stopping him. With this, Malcolm becomes the 10th winner of the Character Cup. Way to go, Malcolm fans! Malcolm also had the most nominations so he leaves the Cup ranked as he started it, #1. To become the winner, Malcolm defeated Michaela Stone, Buffy Summers, Marty Deeks, Jonas Kahnwald, and Sam Winchester. Congratulations to all Prodigal Son fans! 

 In second place is Sam Winchester, who came into the Cup ranked 2nd and leaves the Cup the same way. At second place, this is the highest Sam has ever gotten in the Cup, having represented Supernatural seven times. With a second place win, Sam is still eligible to compete next year. Will 2022 finally be Sam’s year? Congratulations to Supernatural fans for a well-played contest, too. 

While the Championship round had over 4.5 times the votes, for the second year in a row, things were neck and neck in the race for 3rd place. With the polls very close the entire time, the last hour saw Jonas Jahnwald and Lucy Chen in a dead heat at 50-50%. In the end, it came down to 10 votes so the third place winner is...Lucy Chen. This is the first time either Lucy or Jonas have been in the Cup. What an impressive debut for both of them! With both still eligible for next year, will they have strong runs in the 2022 Cup and perhaps take it all? 

 As the winner, Malcolm Bright joins Jack from LOST, Dean and Castiel from Supernatural, Root and Shaw from Person of Interest, Alex Danvers from Supergirl, Lucifer Morningstar from Lucifer, Temo Lopez from Mi Marido Tiene Más Familia, and Lexa from The 100 in our Hall of Retired Winners. Congratulations to the Prodigal Son, Supernatural, The Rookie, Dark, and all other fandoms who supported their favorites. Our breakout character this year was Marty Deeks from NCIS: LA, who jumped a whopping 51 ranks to land in the #5 spot. 

Over in the Favorite Pilot Episode mini-contest, New Amsterdam reigned supreme with The Walking Dead placing second. Interested in other stats about the 2021 Character Cup? Check out the stats page here. 

Prediction Contest: 

 By earning 132 points, Amber Lacey is the winner of this year’s prediction contest. Congratulations! You earn bragging rights this year. Elvis and Ivana tied for second with 127 points. Awesome job predicting all around. Since we played with a graduated points system this year, it is worth mentioning that Paola Andrade actually had the most predictions correct with 39 correct picks. Nicely done! 

Stay Tuned: Favorite Show Contest and Pitch Your Show 

The summer fun is not over here at SpoilerTV. We still have our biggest summer contest for Favorite Show. This is our main hiatus event so you don't want to miss it. I am tentatively planning to start nominations at the end of the week. The Favorite Show competition will start earlier this year as I fill in for Bradley, who traditionally runs this huge event. 

 Also, Pitch Your Show is coming. Look for a post in the next day or 2 so you can talk up your favorites. It’s a great place to give some love to those shows you think deserve it and maybe even get other people to give them a try. Until next year, I officially call this the close of the Character Cup. Thanks everyone for another successful year!


The Character Cup does not happen without the support of so many people. First and foremost, thanks to Andy for running SpoilerTV and hosting this contest every summer. If you haven’t been to SpoilerTV before the Character Cup, I urge you to stick around and try it out. Not only are hundreds of shows covered but the people who make up the STV community are knowledgeable, thoughtful, passionate, respectful, and eager to discuss. You will not find better, balanced conversation about TV anywhere online. It is my privilege to be a part of the STV team. 

Thanks also to ALL of the people who found the pictures we used in the Cup, not only for their favorites but also other characters in the contest. I didn’t have to worry about finding pictures, which saved me hours. By being the awesome people you are, you cut my work in half and I can’t thank you enough. 

Everyone knows that the TV Talk Topics are my favorite part of the Cup and you didn’t disappoint. I loved talking TV with you this year. I appreciate everyone who shared their thoughts, whether it was every time, just once, or somewhere in between. You are the reason why so many people are drawn to SpoilerTV. A special thanks also to everyone who nominated topics. I’m sorry if we didn’t get to yours, but we have a great mix of topics to start us out next year. 

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in any capacity. There is no contest without you. I appreciate your nominating, voting, discussing, mini-contest ideas, TV Talk Topics, spreading the word through social media, and sharing your thoughts. Once again, I had a blast during this contest and I can’t wait to see you next year for the 2022 Character Cup. It's one of my favorite parts of summer and a joy to participate with you. 

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