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Quote of the Week - Week of January 3rd

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Magnum PI -

1. Higgins: "I merely anticipated the way you might try to penetrate me and deployed a countermeasure." Magnum: "Okay, what you just said was borderline inappropriate and I'm feeling very harassed right now."
2. Higgins: "Kumu, they're accusing you of grand larceny in the third degree. Please tell us there's a mistake." Kumu: "It's a mistake." Higgins: "Thank goodness for that." Kumu: "It's probably grand larceny in the first degree."
3. Higgins: "I'm sorry... about this morning. You were right. I cheated. Made it impossible for you to win. You did well Magnum." Magnum: "Wow. Thank you. Is it really that hard to admit? I mean, do you really hate losing that much?" Higgins: "It's not that I mind losing. It's just... for some reason I do mind losing to you. I'm not sure why." (Folie-lex)

The Rookie -

1. Nolan: "We don't have to play it like that. The truth is on my side." Wesley: "And you think that means something? If you were any other defendant...-" Nolan: "What?" Wesley: "Nevermind." Nolan: "No, I want to know. If I was any other defendant, what?" Wesley: "You are a white man. A cop. You have already been treated with a level of deference my other clients would never get. If you were black or brown the police would have created exigent circumstances and kicked the door in. Shot you if they thought you reacted aggressively. Arrested you if you surrendered, confident that the DA would bully you into a plea deal." Nolan: "That's not fair. I'm not that kind of cop. Neither is Grey." Wesley: "You telling me you've never bent the rules?" Nolan: "Not like that." Wesley: "Look, you have a chance to survice this because of who you are."
2. Commander West: "What does the placard say on my desk?" Harper: "Commander. Internal Affairs." Commander West: "This office is the only investigative unit required by the California Constitution. Do you know why? Because police officers are infused with the power of the state, the power to take a life in pursuit of justice, power that is all too easily abused. And yet at every turn, cops like you look at us like the enemy: the rat squad! How the hell do you expect me to root out problem cops when I'm sabotaged at every turn?!"
3. Lucy: "If I can't handle talking to Rosalind while she's in a cage I shouldn't be a cop." (Folie-lex)

This Is Us -

1. Madison: "I'm not trying to give you a hard time, but... I was willing to do this on my own. Remember? I was never gonna ask you for anything, but you insistent on being a part of our lives and now I have gone and fallen in love with this idea of our family." Kevin: "Well I have gone and fallen in love with the idea of our family too."
2. Kate: "I was a kid. You were a 24-year-old man. And I wasn't broken, I was grieving. My dad just died, and I was destroyed, and so vulnerable and you knew it. You liked it." Marc: "Okay..." Kate: "Wha... no no no, I'm not finished. What you did to me... how you held my self-esteem in your hand and then you decided to crush it? God, that damaged me, Marc. For years I swallowed my dreams, my feelings and a lot of food. No, no look at me. Look at me, 'cause you need to get this. The time that it took for me to heal from you stole years of my life, and I can't get them back. Took me a while, yeah, but I um... I found someone who loves me the way that I deserve to be loved. I have a beautiful son and and incredible husband who's actually in that car and he was just like seconds away from wanting to just pulverize you with his bare hands. I'm not broken. You're the one that's broken, Marc. You're the disease. And I'm not carrying it a moment longer."
3. Kevin: "Well, look the reason I was calling is I'm... I'm um... I'm finding myself in a really, um... complicated place with Madison and I'm a little bit lost on how to deal with it, and I.. I uh... the first thought that I had... was, uh... well, it was 'What would Randall do?'. I uh, I have that thought a lot actually." Randall: "That's a nice thing to say. It's a... nice thing to know." (Folie-lex)

The Simpsons -

1. Lisa Simpson: "An emotionally satisfying ending - are you sure this is an American movie?" (Abir Mohammad)

What Else We're Watching

LA's Finest 1.12 -

1. McKenna: "Beansy?" Grandma: "That man was 27 inches long when he was born. He looked like a big brown string bean with a diaper on. His mama said he just kept coming out, like magician's handkerchief." (Prpleight)

The Practice 2.12, 2.17 -

Jimmy: "Ellenor, tell them this is something that's done. Lawyers can't be too proud these days." Ellenor: "I don't believe in lawyers advertising, Jimmy." Jimmy: "You advertised for a date." Ellenor: "Yeah, well, I don't believe in that anymore, either."
2. Lindsay [to Jimmy]: "The work can be so dirty sometimes. But this trial, you reminded me how noble lawyers can be. I was proud to be at your side." (Lindsey)

The Unicorn 2.04 -

1. Michelle: "I can't stay mad at my friend forever for being who they are. I'm not five." Ben: "Damn it." Michelle: "What's wrong?" Ben: "I'm five."
2. Delia [re Addie]: "Oh well, we had to punish her of course, and that's tricky, 'cause we've never done that before. Anyway, first it was all 'you gotta clean your room' and then we thought, who are we kidding? It's immaculate." (Folie-lex)

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