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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Endgame -
1. Sergey: “This is why we are here, trying to make new American friends.” Owen: “Not interested and if you don’t let me go, you’re gonna face a world of hurt.” Sergey: “Your FBI handlers back at the hotel need a check-in, but not quite yet.” Owen: “It’s not them I’d worry about. You hold me, and my wife comes looking and you don’t want that.” (Dahne)

The Equalizer
1. Dante: "[...] these hate crimes. People want to pretend they don't exist so they act like they don't see it but, when we look away, we excuse it." (Prpleight)
2. Mel: “They are like conspiracy theory influencers, scapegoating Chinese Americans for everything from disease to the economy.” Robyn: “Egged on by some of our very own leaders.” Ray: “How many of my people have suffered because politicians needed someone to blame?” Mel: “And how many have won because these morons can’t tell the difference?”
3. Mel, about the rise in Asian hate: “See, this is why I do not let my grandmother leave her apartment without me.” Harry: “It’s true. She’s like an octogenarian Rapunzel.”
4. Mel, talking about a hate incident with her mom: “She did nothing. She didn’t react, and in that moment, I realized she had to do that to survive, to protect us because we were alone. I mean we were in a room full of people, but nobody did anything. Nobody stood up for us. Nobody helped her. We were alone, and I decided right there, I’m never gonna be like those people in the supermarket. I’m never gonna be the one who doesn’t say something.” (Dahne)

Ghosts -
1. Alberta [after hearing they were losing their rooms]: “Well now those waffles smell like deceptions…and vanilla. Nice touch.”
2. Alberta [when Hetty doesn’t realize Isaac is gay]: “The Victorian Age had themselves some blindspots.” (Dahne)
NCIS: Hawai’i -
1. Jesse: “You know how valuable you are, right?” Jane: “It’s just a phone number.” Jesse: “No, it’s not just that. You make everyone around you better so please, eat the sandwich. I don’t want you getting hangry in the middle of something like this.” Jane: “I don’t know how I’m going to get over what happened.” Jesse: “Well, you move forward. That’s all anyone can do and…you don’t have to do it alone.”
2. Jane: “You know, Jesse was the first person to welcome me when I was assigned to Pearl. He’d been here a few months and he made me feel like I was a part of the team before I really was one. He was there when things went bad with Daniel and when I was bumped to SAC. He’s always had my back. I really need to have his.” Whistler: “You know, if someone I cared about were in trouble, I’d want you to be the one looking.”
3. Adrian: “Your dad teach you the breath thing?” Gracie: “When I was little, I had these night terrors and I would wake up screaming in bed My dad would come in, sit beside me, and teach me how to breathe like I was learning to tie a knot. He never seemed worried or scared. He was calm. We’d just breathe. I asked him one night how come he never got scared like me. Was it because he’s a grownup or cause he has a badge and a gun? He said, ‘Gracie, I get scared all the time. No badge or gun can stop it. Breathing always does the trick.’” Adrian: “You shouldn’t have to take care of me, especially with what happened with your dad.” Gracie: “My dad’s fine.” Adrian: “How can you know that?” Gracie: “I just do. They sent 2 guys after him in a small boat. They’re worried. And you know what, Adrian? They should be.”
4. Jane: “We’re coming for you.” Ernie: “Don’t. There’s no telling where his traps are.
He’s gone full-on Psycho Home Alone.”
5. Jesse: “Stay out here.” Ernie: “Usually I’d say yes, but I think you’re safer if I’m with you, which you should not take as anything other than a sign of professional respect.” Jesse: “Got it.”
6. Gracie: “Dad, thank God you’re okay. You saved me.” Jesse: “You saved me right back.” Gracie: “How’d you know they’d be here?” Jesse: “A dad knows everything.” (Dahne)

NCIS: Los Angeles -
1. Admiral: “What in the Sam Hill is Japanese Selvedge?” Deeks: “We call them jeans.” Kensi: “Oh, no, actually it is much more of a subculture. We take great pride in our denim, especially the process of breaking them in.” Deeks: “We call it wearing them.” Admiral: “And washing them.” Kensi: “Oh no, never wash them.” Deeks: “What?” Fatima: “Gross.” Deeks: “So gross.” Kensi: “No, freezer is so much better and it doesn’t ruin the fade.” Admiral: “I hate Los Angeles.”
2. Deeks: “If I sell the bar, it means you got to find a new…” Callen: “..a new place to live. No, I get it.” Deeks: “It’s just, it’s a lot and you don’t seem very phased by that.” Callen: “I’ve had a little bit of practice at this.” Deeks: “Right. Just out of curiosity, when’s the last time you lived in a place this long.” Callen: “Never. In fact, I actually don’t know how I made it work.” Deeks: “So why did you do it? Why did you stay?” Callen: “I thought you could use the money. I know things have been tight around here lately and I figured at some point, you and Kens would want to buy a house and start a family.” Deeks laughs to himself: “Thank you.” Callen: “Yeah, of course. You would have…you would have done the same thing for me.” Deeks: “In a heartbeat. You know…uh, the house we bought is a two bedroom if you want…” Callen: “Not a chance.”
3. Sam: “Looks like our man was inked up. Tattoo tracing paper.” Callen: “He saved them. That’s a little weird, right?” Sam: “Well, some people hold on to it if their tattoo is meaningful. It’s like a keepsake.” Callen: “Isn’t the tattoo the keepsake?” (Dahne)

Resident Alien -
1. Sahar: "Divorce is against my religion unless it's initiated by the man which is why I'm never getting married." (Prpleight)

This is Us -
1. Randall: "It’s gonna be a lovely, drama-free Thanksgiving." Beth: "Baby, I love your heart, but the Pearson family epitaph is going to read, 'Lovely people. Cried a lot. Thanksgivings were traumatic as hell.'" (
The “Black Pearson’s” are on their way to The Cabin for a fun-filled family Thanksgiving. Randall’s optimism almost makes me hurt. - KathM)
2. Beth Pearson: "The Pearson epitaph will read : lovely people, cried a lot, dramatic as hell Thanksgivings." (Elvis) 

What We're Watching

Angel - 1 x 12 - Expecting
1. Cordelia: "This producer is so nice. He said I was his first choice! We're going out to dinner tonight." [Wesley and Angel exchange a look.] Angel: "Ahh…tonight?" Cordelia: "Mmm hmm." Wesley: "Best to get back on her horse, I suppose, if he's…" Cordelia: "He's so sweet! He says all I have to do is let him impregnate me with his demon master's seed and I've got the part!" [she smiles wryly] (Lindsey)
Buffy - 4 x 14 - Goodbye, Iowa
1. Willow: "No word from Riley?" Buffy: "Nothing. The Initiative probably has him locked in a medical ward... And I can't get near him, not until I have a better plan than storming in there and getting us all shot." Willow: "Yeah, you might want to work the kinks out of that one." (Lindsey)

The Librarians -
1. Ezekiel Jones: Movies are just books with better pictures and less of those words and stuff. (Prpleight)

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