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Quote of the Month - February

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.
Abbott Elementary - 
1. Gregory: "I've longed for protocol. This is the best day of my life." (LexiF)
2. Melissa [from up the extended ladder of the fire engine]: “Frisbee secured!” Jacob: “Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Ooh, should she really be up there in heels?” Captain Robinson: “She’s wearing a helmet.” (Sandi)
3. “I never listen to Chaka Khan's 'Through the Fire' when it comes up on my Pandora. I'm every woman, not a pyromaniac.” (Lindsey)

Chicago PD - 
1. Kim Burgess: "I can't be who I wanna be with this. Not for my daughter and not for Adam." (Rianne, LexiF)
2. Adam Ruzek: "Just don't push me away, please." (LexiF)
Criminal Minds -

1. Jennifer Jereau: "Well next time don't get shot." (Rianne)
2. Bailey: How are you not nervous? Prentiss: I guess after being assaulted, drugged, and killed in the line of duty, I figure, what's the worst that could happen? (Lindsey)
The Equalizer - 
1. Harry: "I guess the short version is: You mess with my family, you mess with me." (Prpleight)
Fire Country -

1. Eve: “The work you do excites me. I... I love my job. I love the rush that it gives me. And sharing that rush with inmates who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to do it... it was a rush I wasn’t expecting. And I want more. I see you, and I see Bode, and I see them, and they deserve a second chance. And you’re out here giving it to them. So, I want to help you argue for more funding. That’s why I’m asking you questions. I’m in your corner Captain. But you gotta let me be.” (Sandi)
Ghosts -

1. Sam: "The skull that was found turned out to be Trevor's." Trevor: "Knew it! You see that chiseled jaw bone? You could slice brisket with that thing." Hetty: "Congratulations, Trevor, or my condolences. As an etiquette stickler, I confess I'm at a loss."
2. Sam: "This country was built by regular people." Sasappis: "Important white guys, mediocre white guys..." (Prpleight)
3. Jay: “I know I can’t see the ghosts or hear them, but I care about them, and would never do anything to risk harm to them if I didn’t think with all of my heart that this could work.”
4. Flower: “Oh, this is so nerve-racking. If these two don’t end up together Trevor will never be born!” Pete: “I never should have showed her Back to the Future.” (Sandi)
5. Isaac: “So, George, tell me about yourself?” George: “Enough chitchat. Let’s get to the naughty stuff.” Isaac: “Oh, that’s a bit forward. Aren’t you a Puritan?” George: “Yes. But when I died and didn’t immediately go to heaven I reconsidered some things. I’m a bad, bad boy now. And I want to hear what you’re wearing, sir.” (Prpleight and Sandi)
The Last of Us -

1. Ellie: “Why did you bring me here?” Riley: “Because I wanted to see you.” Ellie: “And?” Riley: “And...and I wanted to say goodbye. This isn’t easy, Ellie.” Ellie: “It actually is. You just did it. Goodbye.” (Sandi)
2. Sam: "If you turn into a monster, is it still you inside?" 
3. Maria: "Be careful who you put your faith in. The only people who can betray us are the ones we trust." 
4. Riley: "It ends this way for everyone sooner or later, right? Some of us just get there faster than others. But we don't quit. Whether it's two minutes or two days, we don't give that up." (Maria Sol)
Law and Order: SVU - 
1. Pence Humphrey [to the departing Olivia Benson]: “An ass like the devil and a face like Jayne Mansfield.” (Djriter)
The Mandalorian -

1. Anzellan: “No! No! No! No, down, down!” Din Djarin: “No, Grogu. He’s not a pet.” Anzellan: “No squeezie. Not squeeze. Not squeeze! Bad baby! Oh, he’s a bad baby.” Din Djarin: “Sorry about that, he’s young.” Anzellan: “Yeah, bad baby...oh!!” [screams] Din Djarin: “No, Grogu!”
2. Din Djarin: “Kid, never trust a pirate.” (Sandi)
A Million Little Things -
1. Gary: "You'll never be as good as Maggie Bloom." (LexiF)
Shrinking -

1. Jimmy: “Sean, we haven’t talked at all about your time in Afghanistan.” Sean: “I ain’t gonna lie, Jimmy, I’ve been feeling pretty fucking good. Okay? Like, why would we fuck with that?” Jimmy: “That’s my job, dude. I got a degree in Fucking With That. From the University of All Up in Your Business.”
2. Jimmy: “So, I was out in the hallway and I was gonna come in and ask you for help. My patient, Grace, won’t respond to me. And then it occurred to me that you’re not talking to me about patients, so I decided not to come in.” Paul: “Yet here you are.” Jimmy: “Yet here I am. Listen, Paul. I know you think that I’ve made some bad choices, but can we please just move forward?” Paul [pause]: “Nahhhhhh.” Jimmy: “It’s the buzzer. I gotta be honest, I don’t love the buzzer, Paul.” Paul: “Then you should say things that I agree with.” (Sandi)
So Help Me Todd -

1. Margaret: "I will never understand what Todd saw in you. You are manipulative and controlling." Veronica: "Are you kidding? That's exactly what he saw me. He saw you. Manipulative, controlling. No one is easier to fool than a mama's boy." (Prpleight)
Son of a Critch -

1. Adult Mark: “Normally there was no privacy at all in our little house, but this night was a perfect storm. My brother was working the night shift at the radio station, Pop would be asleep by 7, and my folks were celebrating their 20th anniversary by going somewhere they’d never been...Out!"
2. Adult Mark: “The best movies I’d ever seen lived in my family’s memories. Who needed Porky’s when you had stories about Bob Bartlett, secret bases, and romance?” Mary: “You know, there’s a part of me that almost wishes that the power would go back out.” Young Mark: “Yeah, me too.” (The shot of Mark Senior – knowing he is the real Mark – smiling and nodding his agreement towards his son/younger self made this brief, sweet exchange all the more heart warming. - Sandi)
3. Young Mark: “They’re loud. Pants shouldn’t be loud. And the fabric, it’s chafing me. I think we should keep looking.” Mark Senior: “They’re fine. Got a good waist. Plenty of allowance. Lots of length there. Look, we can tape up the bottoms until you grow into ’em. How’s your penis? Is there room for your penis? Where’s your penis?” Young Mark [as another customer walks by]: “Stop talking about the penis!” (Sandi)
Star Trek: Picard-

1. Captain Shaw: “We are essentially cornered in space…which has no corners.” 
2. Captain Vadic: “There he is, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, in all his synthetic glory.”
3. Raffi: "Somebody needs to speak for the dead." (Djriter)
4. Jean-Luc: “I’m not sure about this plan.” Will: “Because it’s not really a plan, it’s a ruse.” Jean-Luc: “Yeah, that’s the part I don’t like.” Will: “You and I are two highly-ranked members of Starfleet doing a routine surprise inspection.” Jean-Luc: “We could be court-martialed for this. You could lose everything you’ve worked for.” Will: “Only if we get caught. You got to sell this. Come on Admiral. Show your inspection face. Give me one of those rigid, disapproving, sour expressions you’re famous for.”
5. Jean-Luc: “Adrenaline rush.” Will: “From fear or the thought of seeing Beverly again?” Jean-Luc: “Both.” Will: “Terrific. Your hands are stiff, my knees are killing me. So long as we don’t need to move or shoot, we should be fine.” (Sandi)
Station 19 -

1. Carina Deluca: "I lose you either way Bella, I'd rather lose you and have you be alive." (Rianne)
The Way Home - 
1. Elliott: “The pond has a mind of its own.” Kat: “Maybe the pond wants me to find Jacob. It’s letting me time travel El, there must be a reason, I know it.” 
2. Del: “That’s a police report. You shouldn’t have that.” Kat: “That’s what a press pass is for.”
3. Jacob: “Sure, later gator.” Kat: “In a while, crocodile.” (Djriter)

What We’re Watching

12 Monkeys -

1. Athan: "You speak about time as if it's the enemy." Cassie: "We can call ourselves healers all we want, but all we're really doing is just fighting the clock, and it always wins." (Maria Sol)
The Book of Boba Fett -

1. Din Djarin: “Haven’t seen you since you gave up your armor. How have you been?” Cobb Vanth: “More careful.”
2. Cobb Vanth: “We’re square, you and me.” Din Djarin: “Yes, we are. But I didn’t think you were one to back down from bullies.” Cobb Vanth: “See, that’s what I like about you, Mando. That big smile of yours lets you get away with anything.” (Sandi)
New Amsterdam - 
1. Iggy: "But to believe that we all have the capacity to be heroes no matter how evil the world may seem, that's harder because that means, when the worst happens we can choose to stand up, we can choose to help. And that's what, all day, all around us, people do. So is the world dark? Sure. But there's light. There's so much light. You just have to open your eyes and look." (Maria Sol)
Yellowjackets -

1. Mrs Taylor: “It can't always have been easy for you, Shauna. Jackie was just so gifted. I can't imagine how exhausting it must've been, always comparing yourself to someone so beautiful and smart.” Jeff: “Shauna got into Brown. She's, uh, the smartest person I've ever met. Are-are you a genius? Did you ever take one of those tests? You should take one of those. Shauna and I were sleeping together when Jackie and I were still a couple. Which is, obviously, you know, a shitty, uh, thing. But there it is. Because the truth is Jackie was amazing. But so was my damn wife. And she still is. And I may have been an idiot then, but at least I was smart enough to see that.”
2. Nat: “You don’t get it do you? This isn’t for us. This is for Travis.” Tai: “Nat, we’re not even sure his death is related to any of this.” Nat: “The fuck it isn’t. You guys don’t know Travis like I do. He wouldn’t kill himself. Do you understand that? And I know you think I’m crazy, but you know what I see? You guys are just as fucked up as I am. You’re just better at lying to yourselves. You’re not healthy. You’re not stable. You’re living on the brink, just like me. If you’re not gonna help me with the plan, I’ll do it myself.” (Sandi)

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