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Quote of the Month - April

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Chicago PD - 
1. Adam Ruzek: "Hey, I uh... I don't want this to just be... you know." Kim Burgess: "Me neither." Adam: "Feels different."
2. Makayla Burgess: "Okay dad." (LexiF)

A Million Little Things - 
1. Gary Mendez: "Thanks for getting me this far, doc. It means the world." (LexiF)

Not Dead Yet - 
1. Marlena: "I spent so many years in the closet, trying to live up to expectations, and I wasted so much time denying who I was. I could've been with my wife so much sooner if a friend would have just told me what I needed to hear, just someone to encourage my genuine, authentic self."
2. Nell: "I genuinely like the real you. You're smart and you're funny and you're wildly honest, which can be really frustrating, but it's also so very refreshing."
3. Edward: "If this relationship is gonna work, I think you need to know that I'm a video-game-playing, Rubik's Cube-solving, action-figure-collecting nerd." (Maria Sol)

Schmigadoon - 

1. Bobby Flanagan: "Gentlemen and gentlemen of the press, you all know me, Bobby Flanagan, Attorney at Law." (Tiffany)

Yellowjackets - 

1. Lottie Matthews: "I started having visions again. For the first time in decades. And it keeps happening. And it needs to stop. They need to stop. The last time, it was, um... became something different. Can't happen again. I've worked really hard. And I've built something that's... it's helping people. It's helping me. Can't go back." Therapist: "Before we talk about your dosage, I would urge you to reframe the way you're thinking about these visions. The stress of constantly pushing them away could potentially cause more to surface, so maybe ask yourself what do you think they're trying to tell you?" Lottie: "Nothing. Because they're not real." (Tiffany)

What We're Watching

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 
1. Giles: "Something... um... something very strange is happening." Xander: "Can you believe the Watcher's Council let this guy go?" (Prpleight)

Designated Survivor - 
1. Tom: "We never know what our choices will bring." (Maria Sol)

The Good Cop - 
1. Captain: "Why would he use his son's gun? He knew that we would trace it back to that house. It doesn't make sense." Loomis: "A lot of things don't make sense. Why are nickels bigger than dimes?" Captain: "That's a good point." Loomis: "Why does Hawaii have an interstate highway?" Captain: "Another excellent question." Loomis: "Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?" Captain: "I don't know. I couldn't say." Loomis: "Why'd the Flintstones celebrate Christmas?" (Maria Sol)

His Dark Materials - 
1. Hester: "It worries me that bacon is more important to you than survival." (Prpleight)

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