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Let's Play - Phasmophobia (It's like Supernatural, but a game!) - 1st November

Disclaimer:  This is a game for 18+ and may include scenes of horror. The people playing may occasionally swear so please do not be offended

Everyone loves to be scared, well most people do. We are going to step into the world of Phasmophobia where you have to investigate a haunted house and identify what the ghost is before it gets you! It's basically a game version of Supernatural.

CJ will be braving a number of haunted houses to help identify the spook and pretending to be a Winchester brother, even if you are not a fan of Supernatural you can still watch and joining in via the chat.

Join us on Twitch or YouTube to see if we can survive! Don't foget to follow us on Twitch or Subscribe on YouTube!

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