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August Game Releases and Staff Picks

Game release dates and platforms are correct at time of posting and are subject to change.

You can find a list of the major game releases for August at the bottom of the article. We have also highlighted our picks for what we will be playing and what we think could be the best of the month. Let us know what games you are looking forward to in the comments below

Staff Pick - Baldur's Gate 3
Chris: Without a doubt one of the most anticipated games of the year, the third iteration of Baldur's Gate, based on Dungeons & Dragons, made an impression when I first saw the world game premiere at PAX East back in 2020! It's been a long road since then, but the expectations are mega-high and I am confident Larian Studios will not disappoint.

Staff Pick - Sea of Stars
Milo: It's a turn based RPG which I'm a sucker for but it's set to harken back to the days of the classics of the genre, exploring two children of the solstice combining the powers of the sun and moon. It's from the creators of The Messenger which I adored and it looks like a fantastic homage whilst also trying something completely new - with visually creative gameplay and a way to provide hours of entertainment. 

Staff Pick - Atlas Fallen
Chloe: The promise of dynamic combat and being able to create your own custom playstyle has made this one of my most anticipated games for a while now. There looks to be some fun traversal when it comes to exploring the desert world and there's some stunning graphics as well. I have my fingers crossed that the story and characters prove to be just as fun because the game has a good chance of being a real favourite of mine.

Staff Pick - Immortals of Aveum
CJ: EA is currently on a strong run of great game releases recently and Immortals of Aveum looks to continue that run. A first person shooter involving magic, amazing graphics and fun gameplay. Immortals of Aveum could be a game many won't see coming as a huge hit in 2023 and potentially a new and fun franchise from EA.

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