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5 Games that should be TV Shows

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For every Last of Us show that is a hit, we get a Halo that’s a miss, so we are going to discuss games that should be next to be turned into Live Action TV Shows. Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are already being made so let’s look at the ones that aren’t.

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Final Fantasy 
I hope you noticed I didn’t say a number after the words Final Fantasy for one simple reason, the show should cover them all. I know what your thinking, CJ these games have been around since 1987 and there are so many of them, and so many versions, remakes and spin-offs. The games usually centre around a group of heroes battling against a great evil, making friends, battling monsters and losing friends. It would be crazy not to make them into a TV show.

It would be crazy not to make them into a TV show with characters and stories adored all around the world. Exciting worlds to explore and, of course, giant chicken chucker balls. Who wouldn't want to see that? It would have you smiling, laughing, like Titus or Titus, whom we want to call them and Yuna. Even Final Fantasy 16 is just Game of Thrones but with a better ending. Every season could be a different entry in the season to keep it fresh, we could even have some sort of Final Fantasy Multiverse, it worked for Marvel (sorry DC) so why can’t it work for Final Fantasy?

Yes, before you say it, Uncharted has had a live-action movie, but the less we say about that the better (sorry Tom). But Uncharted from Naughty Dog is a celebrated game from the lovely folks at Naughty Dog, you know the people that just had that highly successful show with everyone's favourite internet daddy Pedro Pascal. 

But if Naughty Dog can bring the last of us to life. Why can't they do it with Nathan Drake and give us an action-packed adventure that they promised us in the movie and not that moustacheless Mark Wahlberg. For those of you unaware, Uncharted has Nathan Drake and sometimes his friends gone off on Wild Adventures, Indiana Jones style hunting for some sort of lost treasure, racking up a kill count greater than any serial killer and never facing the consequences. 

One thing Uncharted does better than any other game, and that's its action sequences. Seeing them come to life on our TV screens each week would have me watching and cheering Nathan, even if he has to murder everybody in the vicinity.

The franchise, which everybody loves. It even had a cartoon all the way back in the day. . I don't care what anyone says, it was a masterpiece. Yes, it was completely and utterly cringe but I loved it. That's the main thing. Airing all the way back in 1989. This cartoon has me desperate to see our little hero link move to the TV screens. Rumoured to have had a live-action show back in 2015 on Netflix. But Nintendo decided to pull out.

Link adventures in different dungeons every week would keep the show fresh and action-packed. With so many versions of the Zelda games out there, Nintendo could easily convert any of the games into a series. But we all know how it would go. Link can't find the princess Ganon has the Triforce. Link visits multiple destinations in order to fight Ganon, Ganon is defeated and the Triforce is returned alongside Princess Zelda. Even after all of this, all boiling still can't seem to get those Zelda smooches. Poor guy.

Fans are desperate to see the world of Hyrule come to life. And I can't think of a better story to tell than one of the greatest games ever, The Ocarina of Time.

Metal Gear Solid
There is no greater espionage and stealth game than Metal Gear Solid. It has more twists and turns than a politician trying to cover up some sort of scandal. Metal Gear Solid needs Solid Snake and the big boss story told. And there's only one man I trust to do it, and that is Hideo Kojima. It's highly unlikely will ever see Hideo you back working on Metal Gear Solid. But we can all just still live in hope. His crazy vision applied to the TV world will certainly confuse, but damn, I'd be watching every single week.

It's fair to say that Metal Gear Solid has its fair share of crazy scenes. That would be amazing on a TV show. Just imagine it. Solid Snake is walking through Shadow Moses and comes across Psycho Mantis, and there he is controlling all of the guards like his little puppets and making them do a dance. It worked for the TV show Legion, so why can't we have it on a Metal Gear solid TV show?

Personally, I'd love to see a Psycho Mantis fourth wall break, acknowledging it's a TV show and messing around with the audience's minds, or even the Flaming Unicorn, or how are they going to explain a magical bandanna given unlimited ammo? Or just seeing Revolver Ocelot arguing with his hand? But as crazy as the story of Metal Gear is, it would certainly be gripping storytelling for a TV show. It would have us sitting on the edge of our seats or even hiding under a cardboard box.

Remedy has a bit of a history of messing with all minds with the game. Alan, Wake and Control and Alan Wake are rumoured to have a TV show coming out very, very soon. So could we be seeing the characters from Control? Could we be seeing some sort of crossover? That would be amazing. In control. You play, as Jesse is on the hunt for her missing brother when you visit a place called the oldest house. This house is the location of the Federal Bureau of Control, which investigates all Altered World Events, or AWEs. Jesse has a friend who lives in her head, communicating with her and has summoned her to visit.

As a TV show, we could have Jesse or a new character going out into the world and investigating these AWEs and coming back to the oldest house leading up to the events of control. The game was visually stunning and it played with your concept of reality and we all bit our fists like Leonardo DiCaprio when that music number kicked in during the maze section. As I've mentioned, an Alan Wake TV show is currently in the works. Maybe we need to have control to be part of that universe, some sort of spinoff. I mean, who wouldn't like to see some of these AWE events on TV? And plus, how would they explain a crazy fridge or supernatural Rubber Duck?

What did you think of our first 5 choices? Who would you cast as characters like Solid Snake and Link? Let me know in the comments below! 

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