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Mayans MC - Xquic - Review: 'Greater Good'

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This episode of Mayans packed quite an emotional punch! The implications it carries as we head towards the last five episodes of the season loom large and things are getting intense, let's discuss.

Left Behind

Angel really got the biggest punch to the gut in this one. Once he returned from Stockton he finds out that Adelita has been captured by the mercs and he also must face his father for the first time since learning that he lied to him his entire life. Angel falling into Felipe's arms fresh off the Adelita news was gut-wrenching but cathartic and it led to a much needed face-to-face with father and son. The Reyes bond seems to be healing slowly and Angel needs that now that he must face being left behind to serve the cause.

When Angel engaged the Swole Boys a few episodes back, I don't think he ever thought of the consequences but it came at him fast when he learned about his club having to clean up the mess. This led to a very unhappy Bishop when he finally saw Angel. I will say this about Bishop, he is a fair and just president but you need to keep him in the loop. Angel has kept a lot from him this entire show, but El Presidente always gives him the benefit of the doubt. No where was this more evident than when Angel and him came to blows over him staying behind because the stove was still hot over the Swole Boys. All it took was Angel confessing that the child Adelita was carrying was his and Bishop dropped the beef and let Angel in on the rescue. This was almost accomplished until the most heartbreaking scene happened..... Adelita insisting the transfer happen. Angel made the impossible choice to leave his entire world behind because Adelita said and it shows that his respect and love for her know no bounds. It was obvious he wanted to throw her over his shoulder and get her away from danger but he didn't. Should that have happened there is no doubt in my mind this relationship would have been doomed (if it is not already) because she isn't one to be rescued no matter the situation. Hopefully Gallindo sees it this way when he finds out what she did. Speaking of Miguel, he had his plate full and I am going to be honest, I felt for him as well.


Miguel has been acting cagey and keeping his cards close to the vest, especially when he comes back home to Emily. So their conversation by the pool was a long time coming. He seemed taken aback that Emily could think he had romantic feelings for Adeltia because of how torn up he is about letting the Mercs capture her. Let's be honest, any wife would have the same reaction no matter how evolved they are when their husband is sulking about another woman, no matter the circumstances. What Miguel confessed to seemed honest and sincere, he admires Adelita's conviction to her cause and feels like he wants to do the same..... but which side does he want to do it for? The Galindo legacy in lock step with Adelita to change things over in Mexico or the legitimacy he has always sought on the USA side of the border. This marriage is drifting as neither seem be closer to coming to an understanding of where the other one stands in the cause. Miguel also has Potter to contend with.

These two are playing delicious game of cat and mouse as both seem suspicious of the other. Potter knows something is not smelling right about the 'deal' he made with Miguel and Miguel seems to know this. So they chased one another this episode with more questions than answers. The best part for me was when Miguel was casually shopping to keep up the ruse, and Potter decided to feel him out by pushing him for dating advice. Both of these men are smart and have their own style, so this is an even match of the minds. I know who I want to fall and it isn't Miguel, so I hope he can continue to outsmart and outwit a very worth opponent in Potter.

The Adventures of Emily

While Miguel and the club deal with the mercs and Potter, Emily continues to dig into what is eating Dita and it leads her right to Felipe. The picture she found in Dita's things put her on this trail and she is not one to give up on something once she gets wind of it. Emily, armed with new knowledge visits Felipe and tries to put together more of the puzzle. This was an interesting moment for the show because you could feel the past these two had with one another even though we never actually saw it. Felipe tried to get her to leave well enough alone but he slipped when he asked if Miguel knew anything. Emily is not dumb and will continue to look for the connection which could devastate two families. I can't stop thinking about how EZ and Angel will feel when they find out about Miguel and Emily could be lighting the fuse to make that happen. It is a weird feeling because on one hand it would be an explosive moment, but the fallout could destroy the two families beyond repair. This show never keeps it light!

Odds and Ends:

* EZ really has taken to the supportive role of brother and son well. In the first season, it was all about him but it seems the writers have eased up on that and let him be there to support his brother. The scene where Angel laments at the fact he never really visited EZ and EZ instantly letting him know that it was okay was heartwarming. He also made sure to tell Angel he will be a great father and that he isn't just the mess up he thinks he is. This is the type of bond that Angel needs.

* Who else wanted to punch the Mercs for putting Adelita in that dog cage? Potter may be unethical and peculiar, but he has a line and I am glad they aren't going to go hard at Adelita until she gives birth. It is the using her child that worries me. Will Angel be there to meet the kid? The odds are looking long right now and I fear they are setting up this child being separated from its parents for an extended time once they are welcomed into this cruel dynamic.

* The final scene was well shot and executed. Angel desperately saying 'Please Don't' was heartbreaking and Clayton Cardenas and Carla Baratta brought their A-game to pack even more of a punch.

* Thank goodness for Chucky, in this dark MC world he still manages to bring some light and levity, just like he did on SOA.

* The radio cut off before Potter could hear the MC part right? That could be a big deal if it didn't.

* The Potter shell game while smart was cruel and shows how ruthless and unrelenting this world is. There is no right side in this fight, both sides are unclean.

* The 'Saint' is still quite a wildcard, but I see her playing a more prominent role now that Adelita is in custody.

That is it for now, tune in tonight! Let me know what you thought of the episode below!

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