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Mom - Pop Pop and a Puma - Review: "Think of This Family as a Reality Show"

This week on Mom, Bonnie, Adam, and Christy learn what being an official family is all about - wanting to kill each other half the time!

Adam is short on waitresses and recruits Christy to help out for the night. At AJ's that night, Marv, the bar's regular jackass, is generally terrible to Christy and then insults her, referring to her as a "dumb blonde." When Christy gives him a taste of his own medicine, implying that the reason his wife left is that he's horrible, Adam demands she apologize to the guy. Christy refuses and walks out. At home, she tells Bonnie what happened, and Bonnie is furious to find out Adam didn't stick up for her. At least Christy has her mom on her side.

Except maybe not. When Adam gets home that night, Bonnie lays into him about his treatment of Christy. But, Adam turns things around and says that Bonnie should not automatically take Christy's side just because she's her daughter. In fact, she should automatically take his side now that they're married, because he's always going to take her side, "no matter how many crazy ass things [she's gonna do.]" Hearing this, Bonnie does a very stereotypically Bonnie thing and changes sides to the one that will benefit her the most.

While Bonnie, Adam, and Christy are feuding, Jill's boyfriend Andy is busy showing her off at the gym. Things are going great until she unintentionally shows him up that is. Turns out, Jill's a beast at anything related to fitness, and Andy is well...kind of average. Suddenly all his friends at the gym are giving him grief about the fact that Jill's got him beat, and he's definitely more than a little bothered by it, even though he won't tell Jill that.

Christy consults Marjorie about her fight with Bonnie and Adam. Marjorie suggests that Christy feels abandoned since she and Bonnie finally have a good relationship and Bonnie's up and gotten married. Marjorie says that Christy should focus on the fact that Bonnie's finally in a healthy relationship, instead of focusing on what's going wrong because of that. Meanwhile, Adam seeks out advice about the situation from Tammy and Bonnie seeks out advice about the situation from Mr. Munson, Both are decidedly less talented at giving advice than Marjorie and both Bonnie and Adam leave without any tips.

Andy continues to try and find a way to impress Jill by taking her paint-balling - only she's way better at it than him! When a guy at the paintball place chokes on a piece of food, Andy goes to jump into action and perform the Heimlich Maneuver, and again, Jill beats him to it. This finally sends Andy over the edge and Jill confronts him about being bothered that she's better at many things. She refuses to pretend to be less talented than he is just to help his ego. Andy admits that Jill's talents over him aren't what bothers him either, it's the fact that they mean he can't find a way to impress her. Jill quickly responds that impressing her isn't necessary, she's already falling in love with him. Yep, she said it! And Andy couldn't be happier!

At home, Christy apologizes to Bonnie and Adam about having trouble with them taking each other's side now that they're married and getting so mad at Marv. Adam tells her he actually did end up kicking Marv out when he was a jerk to Tammy. Of course, this just makes Christy (and Bonnie) wonder why he was willing to stand up for Tammy and not for her. Yeah, it looks like it's going to take a bit longer for the three of them to work out their quirks as a family. In Bonnie's words, "alliances are going to shift..."

Random Thoughts:
- So apparently Wendy picked up more than a new hairdo down at Sandals Orlando. She also picked up a guy named Bob. Wonder if we'll be hearing more about him?

-The best quote is Andy to Bonnie when he drops Jill off with the girls for lunch. "I know at some point I've arrested you."

Did you think Adam should have stood up for Christy? Will the Plunkett-Janakowski family continue to have growing pains? Let me know below!


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