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Sweetbitter - Peach Treats and Bodega Cat - Double Review: "Who Knew?"

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The two-part season finale of "Sweetbitter" was interesting and satisfying at the same time. It ends with a cliffhanger that made me say "What?" at the screen. I realle hope we will get a season three, because I need to know what happens next.
Jake invites Tess for a bite, after meeting her at a concert. They end up at Jake's apartment and have sex. This time, it all feels different for Tess, because she seems to be enjoying what she's doing and she seems in control. We also see a new side of Jake, something we had never seen before.

Simone still feels sad about the whole ex-husband situation, so she decides to ask Ari for some drugs. At first, Ari seems reluctant to give her anything, because it's the first time the two of them have actually spoken in five years. She then gives her a little peach treat to take the edge off, on the house. Simone, being Simone, asks her why she's still working at the restaurant, having not cashed a check in 14 months. Turns out, Ari is pretty upset about her situation with the others at work. She feels kind of neglected by her friends, who abandon her whenever they get the chance. Ari comes from a wealthy family, apparently the kind of wealthy you don't have to work a day in your life. We find out through Ashley that they live in London and they have basically left Ari alone, the only thing they do is pay for her brownstone.

Simone doesn't seem thrilled about the idea of Tess and Jake together. At the end of the first episode, though, she apologize to both of them for not being supportive enough. Was that behavior that set Tess off?

The second part of the finale felt like a metaphor to me; the mouse and the bodega cat that's supposed to catch it. But no one has ever seen a bodega cat. Is Tess the cat and Simone the mouse?
Given how the show ends, I don't understand where Tess was coming from. Also, am I the only one getting some vibes between her and Howard? They seem to be pretty on the same page, with Tess being more in control.
The show ends with Tess asking her boss to fire Simone. Why? Was it because of the fact that she found out through Simone's short story that the two frieds slept together? I didn't think it was really mature of her. I mean, that's a big thing to ask your boss. She didn't even make a suggestion, she said it just like that. "I think you should fire Simone". Our baby monster Tess is all grown up.

Favorite line:
Tess: "Caring isn't pretentious, Jake. Apathy is".

So what did you guys think about the season finale? Do you think we will get a season three? I really hope so. Thank you so much for reading. 'Till next time!

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